如何观看 NFL 上科迪: 最佳 2017 加载项 NFL 直播流

科迪, 前身为 XBMC, 是 free and open source media center that makes it easy to watch movies and TV shows from a variety of online sources. 你可以自己视频库直接加载到科迪, catch a live TV stream from within the app, and even install add-ons that crack open countless new ways to entertain and distract yourself for hours on end.

Kodi’s real power comes from its unofficial third party add-ons, especially the ones that enable live streaming. With the right tools you can watch television shows and sports from around the world on nearly any device. There are even official and unofficial add-ons for viewing NFL content!

To access NFL game streams on Kodi you’ll need to install the right third party add-ons. Just like with MLB content, the process is a lot simpler than it looks, so keep reading for a complete guide on how to watch the NFL on Kodi.

Before You Download: Get a Good VPN

虽然 the Kodi software itself is open source, 免费, and legal, some of the add-ons you can install access content in a manner best described as “legally gray”. Live streaming, 电视, and movie plug-ins are especially prone being monitored and reported to government and corporate agencies by your local ISP, leaving you vulnerable each time you go online.

To protect yourself from snooping service providers all you need to do is use a virtual private network. VPNs act as a tunnel between you and the content you’re downloading. 通常, data such as your location, 操作系统, and which Kodi streams you’re accessing is sent in a raw format through your local service provider where it can be shared with or sold to third parties. 有了 VPN 活跃, information that leaves your computer is sent to servers around the world and encrypted to make it unreadable.

Not all VPN services are created equal, 然而. Some throttle bandwidth, restrict the types of files you can download, put your privacy at risk by storing activity logs, or have crippling speed problems that make streaming videos nearly impossible. To ensure your VPN doesn’t negatively impact your Kodi content viewing, make sure the service places a high priority on the following features:

  1. 快速的下载速度 – All VPNs add some latency due to the extra distance data travels as well as encryption overhead. This can create a significant drop in the quality of the videos you stream, especially if you favor HD sources. Speed is a critical factor in choosing a VPN, so make sure your provider places a high priority on fast server connections.
  2. 零记录政策 – In addition to encrypting and anonymizing data, good VPN services will have a strict policy against keeping records of user activity. This delivers an extremely high level of security, as your private information is never stored on an external computer. If a VPN doesn’t state its logging policy right up front, keep searching for a better provider.
  3. Allowing all traffic and file types – Some VPNs restrict which types of files and traffic users can download, including torrents and content from P2P networks. This can render Kodi practically useless. Good VPN providers have no file restrictions of any type.
  4. 良好的服务器可用性 – One of the key benefits of using a VPN is being able to change virtual locations to access geo-blocked content. The more servers a VPN has, 越好.

Who’s the best?

One VPN provider that scores high on all of the above features is IPVanish. The service places top priority on user privacy and manages to deliver it without sacrificing speed. IPVanish 也有严格的零记录政策, 无限的带宽, no file type restrictions, 及以上 750 中的服务器 60 不同的国家, making it a solid choice for a fast, high quality VPN.

The service supports all Kodi add-ons that we have tested, has all the benefits a VPN can deliver, which really makes your NFL streams safe, 私人, and accessible no matter where you live.

IPVanish提供7天退款保证,这意味着你有一个星期来测试它无风险. 请注意, 令人上瘾的提示读者可以 保存大量 60% 在这里 IPVanish 年度计划, 以每月的价格下降到仅4.87 $ /月.


Once you install Kodi to your favorite device, a world of add-ons are suddenly at your disposal. Everything from music plug-ins to extra interface features, live television, and a variety of video streams are just a few clicks away. Kodi downloads usually come with built in access to Kodi repositories, giving you a set of official add-ons you can install and use right away. To grab the most useful sports related content, 然而, you’ll need to take a few extra steps.

Before you can install third party add-ons Kodi has to be able to retrieve files from external sources:

  1. 打开科迪并点击齿轮图标进入系统菜单.
  2. 进入系统设置 > 加载项
  3. 切换"未知的来源"选项旁边滑块.
  4. 接受弹出警告消息.

Now that Kodi can install external files, you’re ready to begin. The basic process behind installing new add-ons is surprisingly simple. 第一次, tell Kodi where to locate a specific repository, which is a bundle of add-ons stored on an external server. 下一个, add this repository to Kodi. With the repository in place you can browse its contents and install add-ons at your leisure.

Overview of how to install Kodi add-ons:

  1. Open Kodi and click the gear icon to enter the System menu.
  2. 转至文件管理器 > Add Source. You may need to click the double-dot at the top to move to the top of the directory.
  3. Type the URL of the add-on repository into the window that opens.
  4. Type a custom name for the repository you’re about to add and click “OK”.
  5. Go back to the Kodi main menu and select “Add-ons”.
  6. 单击打开框顶部的菜单栏图标.
  7. 选择"从 Zip 文件安装"
  8. Select the repository you just added.
  9. Wait for the repository to install. A notification will appear when it’s ready.
  10. 回到加载项菜单,再单击打开框图标.
  11. 选择"从存储库中安装"
  12. Find the add-on you’d like to install from the repository.
  13. Install the add-on and wait for the confirmation notification.
  14. Access your add-on from the main menu and enjoy your new content!

Watching NFL on Kodi – Official Add-ons

Most versions of Kodi come packaged with dozens of official add-ons. These provide everything from new interface skins to language packs, free video and music streams, 还有更多. There’s a lot of functionality built into Kodi from the start. You can even watch sports and NFL content!

To install the following add-ons, simply open your Kodi app, go to the main menu, 然后选择 加载项 > 下载. You’ll see a list of official Kodi repository offerings. Browse the list and find the service by name, then click to add it to your home menu.

Videos from NFL.com

The name says it all. This add-on is included with the official Kodi repository and lets you watch video highlights from NFL.com on any device. It’s the same as going to the website, only the interface is a little easier to use.

NFL Teams Videos

Another add-on that does exactly what its name promises. Watch videos from NFL teams’ official home pages, including highlights, 访谈, and analyses of recent and upcoming games. A surprisingly convenient add-on, especially if you follow more than one team.

NBC Sports Live Extra

Watch all NBC Sports and NBCSports Network coverage of live events right from your Kodi installation, all completely free and legal. If you live outside of the United States you’ll need to use a VPN and change your virtual location, otherwise the content will be inaccessible.

NFL Game Pass

A convenient way to watch official streams from NFL Game Pass. Note that you’ll need to have an active account with NFL Game Pass in order to use this add-on.

Watching NFL on Kodi – Third Party Add-ons

AddictiveTips不宽恕或鼓励版权限制,任何侵犯. 请考虑法律, 受害者, and risks of piracy before downloading copyrighted material without permission.

Unofficial third party apps are what make Kodi such an amazing piece of software. These add-ons extend the functionality of the base app to allow for streaming videos, 音乐, and movies from sources around the world.

The downside to third party add-ons is that not all of them are reliable. Repositories are notorious for changing locations or disappearing entirely, streams are blocked or reconfigured on a regular basis, and some content is even obtained illegally. They can be a hassle, but the amount of content they deliver is worth the occasional bit of trouble.

The Kodi add-ons below have proven to be reliable sources for streaming sports, NFL content, 电影, and other videos.

DON’T FORGET: Use a VPN when streaming through Kodi. IPVanish gives our readers an exclusive discount of 60% and you’ll only pay $4.87 a month to keep your browsing safe and private.

channel PEAR

One of the more robust streaming add-ons for Kodi, channel PEAR comes with an online component that lets you manage your video and live stream library from any browser. There’s a massive variety of channels to choose from, 太, including NFL and sports streams from around the world. All you have to do is add them to your channel PEAR library and they’ll be available to stream through Kodi right away.

It’s worth noting that channel PEAR limits the number of channels you can have to five. If you want to add more, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid premium service, which has no affiliation with Kodi or the channel PEAR add-on.

The fastest way to get channel PEAR up and running is to install from the github repository. The method is roughly the same as installing add-ons listed above.

How to add channel PEAR to Kodi:

  1. 下载 channel PEAR zip file.
  2. Go to the Kodi main menu.
  3. 选择"加载项"
  4. 单击打开框顶部的菜单栏图标.
  5. 选择"从 Zip 文件安装"
  6. Locate the channel PEAR file you downloaded earlier. It should be named something like this: plugin.video.channelPEAR-master.zip

  1. Wait for the installation to complete.
  2. On your web browser, create a free account at channel PEAR’s website.
  3. Add channels to your library from the website.
  4. Click on Library > Pair Device
  5. Select Kodi from the dropdown list

  1. Copy the custom URL.
  2. Go back to Kodi and right click on the channel PEAR add-on icon.
  3. Select “Add-on settings”
  4. Enter your library URL and save the changes.
  5. Re-open channel PEAR on your Kodi device and you’ll have access to your new library.


When it comes to easy access to live sports streams, it’s tough to beat the Phoenix add-on. Installing this third party app gives you access to popular channels from both the US and the UK, including basketball, baseball, and the NFL. Outside of sports, Phoenix has a ton of content available to stream, giving you something to do while you wait for halftime to end.

Installing the Phoenix add-on is as easy as adding the Fusion repository, then installing Phoenix from the downloaded zip file. Once you open Phoenix you’ll find an entire category devoted to sports, including Sports Demon LIVE and Sports Replays.

How to install Phoenix on Kodi:

  1. 在你当地的设备上打开科迪.
  2. 在齿轮图标进入系统菜单上单击.
  3. 转至文件管理器 > 添加的源 (您可能需要单击双点将移动到的目录的上方)
  4. Type in the following URL exactly as it appears: https://fusion.tvaddons.ag
  5. Name the new repository “Fusion”

  1. 单击"确定".
  2. 回到科迪主菜单.
  3. 选择"加载项"
  4. 单击打开框顶部的菜单栏图标.
  5. 选择"从 Zip 文件安装"
  6. Select “Fusion” followed by “kodi-repos”
  7. Search towards the bottom of the list for this file: repository.xmbchub-1.0.7.zip (Note that the version numbers may change)

  1. 安装 zip 文件.
  2. 回到加载项菜单,再单击打开框图标.
  3. 选择"从存储库中安装"
  4. Find “TVADDONS.ag Add-on Repository”
  5. 向下滚动到"视频加载项"
  6. Select and install Phoenix.

  1. 当安装完成, you can access Phoenix from the main menu.


SportsDevil goes well beyond the NFL to provide live streams for just about every sport imaginable. The add-on is extremely easy to use and offers a staggering number of video streams for free. SportsDevil also has a reputation for keeping its streams up to date. No dead links here, just a constant deluge of sports to keep you entertained.

To access SportsDevil and its NFL content, you’ll need to add SuperRepo to your Kodi installation. 这将给许多其他插件除了 SportsDevil 您可以访问.

How to install SportsDevil on Kodi:

  1. 在你当地的设备上打开科迪.
  2. 在齿轮图标进入系统菜单上单击.
  3. 转至文件管理器 > 添加的源 (您可能需要单击双点将移动到的目录的上方)
  4. 键入以下 URL 中显示的完全相同: http://srp.nu
  5. 新的存储库"SuperRepo"的名字
  6. 单击"确定".
  7. 回到科迪主菜单.
  8. 选择"加载项"
  9. 单击打开框顶部的菜单栏图标.
  10. 选择"从 Zip 文件安装"
  11. 选择"SuperRepo"后跟科迪你版本名称.
  12. 选择"全部"以安装加载项的 SuperRepo 一整套.

  1. 回到加载项菜单,再单击打开框图标.
  2. 选择"从存储库中安装"
  3. 找到并单击"SuperRepo 所有"
  4. 向下滚动到"视频加载项"
  5. Locate “SportsDevil Launcher” and install.

  1. Access SportsDevil from the main menu when the installation is complete.

DON’T FORGET: Use a VPN when streaming through Kodi. IPVanish gives our readers an exclusive discount of 60% and you’ll only pay $4.87 a month to keep your browsing safe and private.


Castaway is another multi-purpose streaming channel that provides access to a wide array of content. Its sports offerings are a little more robust and varied than the competition, which makes it a great choice for watching NFL games.

The best way to install Castaway is through the Fusion repository, which also features Phoenix mentioned above. If you already have Fusion installed, skip to step number seven.

How to install Castaway on Kodi:

  1. 在你当地的设备上打开科迪.
  2. 在齿轮图标进入系统菜单上单击.
  3. 转至文件管理器 > 添加的源 (您可能需要单击双点将移动到的目录的上方)
  4. Type in the following URL exactly as it appears: https://fusion.tvaddons.ag
  5. Name the new repository “Fusion”
  6. 单击"确定".
  7. 回到科迪主菜单.
  8. 选择"加载项"
  9. 单击打开框顶部的菜单栏图标.
  10. 选择"从 Zip 文件安装"
  11. Select “Fusion” followed by “begin-here”
  12. Install the file named plugin.program.indigo-1.0.4.zip (Note that the version numbers may change.)
  13. 安装 zip 文件.
  14. Go back to the Add-ons menu and select the icon for Indigo.
  15. From within Indigo, navigate to Addon Installer > Sports Addons
  16. Choose “Castaway” from the top of the list.

  1. Wait for the installation to complete, then access Castaway from the main menu.

NFL Replays

Can’t catch the game when it’s live? Don’t worry, NFL Replays is here to help! This handy add-on for Kodi gives you access to archived NFL games after they’ve already aired. If you can avoid spoiling the final score, you’ll have the perfect companion to watch sports at your leisure.

NFL Replays is available through the SuperRepo repository. 如果你已经安装了它, skip to step number seven below.

How to add NFL Replays to Kodi:

  1. 在你当地的设备上打开科迪.
  2. 在齿轮图标进入系统菜单上单击.
  3. 转至文件管理器 > 添加的源 (您可能需要单击双点将移动到的目录的上方)
  4. 键入以下 URL 中显示的完全相同: http://srp.nu
  5. 新的存储库"SuperRepo"的名字
  6. 单击"确定".
  7. 回到科迪主菜单.
  8. 选择"加载项"
  9. 单击打开框顶部的菜单栏图标.
  10. 选择"从 Zip 文件安装"
  11. 选择"SuperRepo"后跟科迪你版本名称.

  1. 选择"全部"以安装加载项的 SuperRepo 一整套.
  2. 回到加载项菜单,再单击打开框图标.
  3. 选择"从存储库中安装"
  4. 找到并单击"SuperRepo 所有"
  5. 向下滚动到"视频加载项"
  6. Locate “NFL Replays” and install

  1. Access NFL Replays from the main menu when the installation is complete.

DON’T FORGET: Use a VPN when streaming through Kodi. IPVanish gives our readers an exclusive discount of 60% and you’ll only pay $4.87 a month to keep your browsing safe and private.

Using a VPN to Access Region Locked Content on Kodi

Kodi is location agnostic software, meaning anyone around the world can install and use it without limitation. Third party add-ons and the streams they draw from won’t necessarily share that same philosophy, 然而, especially when it comes to live sports. To ensure you never run into these frustrating limitations, make sure you run a VPN while streaming through Kodi.

VPNs offer a number of privacy and anonymity benefits that make them excellent tools for everyday use. They also give you the ability to select and change your virtual location with just a few clicks. Instead of attaching a local IP address when you go online, VPNs assign you an anonymous IP associated with one of their servers. All you have to do is choose which server you’d like to connect to and you’ll get an IP address associated with that country.

Using a VPN to access geo-restricted content is a simple but effective way to watch sports from around the world. Streaming services are notorious for blocking users in certain countries from watching their games, especially the NFL. With a VPN active and a Kodi installation with a few add-ons, you can easily circumvent these restrictions to watch whatever you want.

Is it Legal to Stream NFL on Kodi?

Third party add-ons in Kodi work by locating data streams from around the internet and collecting them in a central location. They don’t actually create or provide the content you’re watching, they simply point to streams and funnel everything together. When you watch an NFL game in Kodi you’re connecting to some unrelated site for the stream. This raises the simple question of which service is violating which law, the content provider or the content deliverer, and if the viewer is at fault when they aren’t aware of the source of the file.

The indexing nature of Kodi and its various add-ons places it in a legal gray area. The laws vary depending on your location as well as the type of content you’re accessing, meaning there isn’t a clear yes or no answer to the question. This hasn’t stopped internet service providers from targeting Kodi users for litigation, 然而, which is another reason why you should always use a VPN when watching streams.

Streaming NFL to Your TV

Kodi is available on a wide variety of platforms, including mobile devices, 笔记本电脑, 平板电脑, and dedicated TV boxes. This means you don’t have to huddle in front of your desk to watch a good quality NFL stream. One of the easiest ways to push Kodi content to your TV is to install it on an Amazon Fire TV Stick. The compact and inexpensive device plugs into your television for easy access to all of the add-ons and extras mentioned above.

Installing Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV is easier than you might expect. 您甚至可以 add a VPN to the device for the ultimate in convenient, private streaming.

Let us know how it all works out for you, 下面.