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Many users have become sensitized to the reality of security and computing today. We know the common threats to look out for; Viruses, Worms, and Trojans to name a few. There is another threat that’s often overlooked and difficult to overcome; Social Engineering. Private information such


Floating social share buttons are the rage and it is common to see them on most websites to enhance sharing of your great content. While you have a choice to choose professional social sharing tools, or use complex plugins, the easiest way we use is a


There are many cloud services that allow you to upload and download your data from anywhere and Box is yet another multi-platform solution with a native Box app for Windows 8. Box is already incredibly popular, with around 25 million users and 225,000 companies using it,

75 你不能生活的内容营销工具

Are you seeking ways to take your content marketing strategy to the next level? There are thousands of tactics to consider, but you have a limited supply of time, 钱, and energy. Even if you are among the 42% of B2B marketers who say they’re effective

现代的在线营销教育: 18 课程和资源

There are many paths to becoming a great marketer. Even more so, there are tons of different roles that marketers excel in. There’s a great degree of flexibility. Take your education as an example. Did you go to school to get a marketing or business degree? There’s


The mobile gaming industry made $29 亿元 2015 — and it is only set to continue growing (with estimates as high as $49 billion by 2018). But the mobile gaming industry is in the “wild west” phase of its history right now, with the constant improvement

的 17 最好的社交媒体管理工具

Social media can be pretty overwhelming sometimes. 特别是如果你要运行一个机构或管理社交媒体账户的其他业务. How do you juggle and manage the many hats you need to wear as a social media manager? Creating content, 调度股, engaging with

网页 6.0 为火狐浏览器发布了

网页 6.0 is an update of the popular tracker blocking extension for the Firefox web browser that introduces a redesigned interface and feature additions. Ghostery is a popular -- but also controversial -- browser extension for Firefox, Google Chrome and mobile operating systems that uses lists

在网络钓鱼攻击 Snapchat 雇员数据丢失

Aaron Lee News 29 2 月, 2016 Social media service plans to intensify its staff training going forward Snapchat employees current and former have had their details compromised, following a scam email against the social media company. The company, known for its ephemeral video messaging service, 出版…

明星的狐狸: 零发布日期进来热

Virtual space enthusiasts have had a busy day. 第一次, we learned that sandbox space sim No Man's Sky will launch on June 21. 现在, we have a set day for Star Fox: Zero's crash landing onto the Wii U: April 22. During a Nintendo Direct, 图标…

GNOME 照片添加 Instagram 式过滤器, 编辑工具

GNOME Photos adds Instagram-Style image filters in its upcoming v3.20 release. 该应用程序, which will feature as part of the GNOME 3.20 release later this month, also benefits from color palette improvements, new icons in the selection bar and manual exporting. But it is the addition of simple features that

微软需要解决事情 Windows 10 现在的移动

  Microsoft needs to fix whatever is causing the company to continuously, and publicly, botch the roll-out of Windows 10 Mobile to existing Windows Phone users — and fast. The release of a new version of Windows to existing customers would, on the face of it,