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审查: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 游戏

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 公司的唯一的真正竞争现在是, 等待它, GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. 如果你的口袋里有足够的深度, 由深我们指的是有至少 650 英镑不遗余力的变化, 还有丰富的从所有伙伴的选择. 我们已经…

Xubuntu 17.04 炆佐罗 – 积极

  I’m listening to Brahms and writing this review. 一个好的开始. 事实上, this distro testing season has had a very reasonable and promising beginning. 首先, Ubuntu 17.04 behaved very nicely, redeeming itself somewhat and infusing hope into a bleak, Dystopian landscape of open-source code. Then,


How do you add intricacy to a genre as fearsomely intricate, as batty with systems, variables and knock-on effects as the so-calledimmersive simulation? One of Prey‘s answers to that questionand I promise this isn’t me feeling around for a headline – 是对…


Phosphenes are those lights you see if you press your fingers against your eyeballs for a few seconds. 实际上, “灯” doesn’t quite do it. Phosphenes often look like cosmic checkerboard tunnels, curving and warping into the infinite distance. They’re such a strange sensation, and such a

最好的免费 iPhone 游戏 2017

  寻找最好的免费 iPhone 游戏吗?你来对了地方. 在这篇文章我们围捕 83 best free iPhone games for your delectation, 从战斗和体育游戏,拼图和榴弹发射器. 当考虑免费 iPhone 游戏, you should watch

索尼 Xperia XZ 溢价回顾: 在深度

The Good Class-leading display Exceptional camera Top-notch performance Smart battery technology The Bad No one-handed mode Fingerprint magnet Expensive Heavy Sony Xperia XZ Premium review: The Xperia XZ Premium continues the lineage started by 2015’s Z5 Premium and with such a name, we’re expecting nothing less

红色 HTC U 11 将出现, 虚拟呈现泄漏

  We’ve got a new scoop on the HTC’s upcoming flagship device, the HTC U 11. We’ve already heard the device will come with a 3.5mm headphone jack to USB-C adapter, which directly implies that the device won’t feature a headphone jack. 什么, are you surprised?

禁用另弹出 Windows 上烦人设置 10

If you have upgraded a Windows PC already to the Windows 10 创作者更新, or installed this version on a PC, you may have noticed quite a few changes that come with it. One of these is that you may get a “设置另” popup


  Remote Code Execution or RCE has been one of the most preferred methods by hackers to infiltrate into a network/machines. 在简单的词, Remote Code Execution occurs when an attacker exploits a bug in the system and introduces a malware. The malware will exploit the


  Have you heard folks talking about this “科迪” thing, and you’re wondering what it’s all about? Here’s a quick beginner’s guide. Kodi is a favorite among cord cutters and digital media fanatics, and it has a long history. Born from what was once called Xbox

最好的三星银河 S8 例和 S8 + 例

If you’ve taken the plunge and decided to pick up one of Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 or S8+ then you’ll notice that they’re rather beautiful examples of smartphone engineering. Want to keep them looking as box fresh as possible? Check out one of these top-notch cases.