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码头工人撰写:如何安装在CentOS 7

泊坞窗撰写是运行多集装箱码头工人应用程序的工具. 要使用撰写配置应用程序的服务,我们使用配置文件, 然后, 执行单个指令, 它可以创建并启动配置中所指定的所有服务. 泊坞窗撰写可…

How To Install Icefilms Kodi Addon In 2017

  Is Icefilms FIX Kodi Addon not working for you in 2017? Here’s how to install the right way on your existing Kodi set-up. This process will work on any version of Kodi 17 Krypton regardless of the hardware you are running it on, and will

Install Redis and Redis PHP on cPanel

    Redis stands for REmote DIctionary Server and it is a key-value NoSQL database. Almost all languages including PHP have Redis bindings. 本指南中, we will show you how to install Redis server and Redis PHP extension on a cPanel based servers so you

How To Install MariaDB Galera Cluster on Ubuntu 16.04

How To Install MariaDB Galera Cluster on Ubuntu 16.04 MariaDB Galera is a multi-master cluster for MariaDB. Since MariaDB 10.1, the MariaDB Server and MariaDB Galera Server packages have been combined and Galera packages and their dependencies get installed automatically when installing MariaDB. 目前, MariaDB Galera

How to install Sogo Groupware Server on Debian

  Today we talk about Sogo. SOGo is a fully supported and trusted groupware server with a focus on scalability and open standards, is released under the GNU GPL/LGPL v2 and above. SOGo provides a rich AJAX-based Web interface and supports multiple native clients through the

How to Install Cacti SNMP Monitoring Tool on Debian 9

  This tutorial will show you how to install and configure Cacti network monitoring tool from source to ensure that you get the latest version on Debian 9, codename Stretch. Cacti is a web-based network monitoring tool, completely open source, designed to display network and system

Install and Configure Kolab Groupware on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

  Kolab is an Open source web-based groupware software application that provides solutions for an email server, directory service, web service, 日历, Task, address books and more. Kolab supports several clients including, 前景, KDE Contact, 雷鸟, and Roundcube. Kolab provides user-friendly and easy to use web

安装 Rhythmbox 3.4.2 在 Ubuntu 中 17.04

安装 Rhythmbox 3.4.2 在 Ubuntu 中 17.04. Rhythmbox is your one-stop multimedia application, supporting a music library, multiple playlists, internet radio, 和更多. Rhythmbox is free software, licensed under the GNU GPL. Rhythmbox uses the GStreamer media framework for actual playback and a lot of other functionality,

在 Ubuntu 上安装简单天气指示器 17.04

在 Ubuntu 上安装简单天气指示器 17.04. Simple weather indicator for Ubuntu unity and Gnome 3 系统. It is developed with Python and uses two web service calls Ip-api.com, 天气-api.madadipouya.com (基于开放式天气地图) 分别检测用户的位置和温度. Features Simple & elegant

在Linux上安装Ubuntu Yarock音乐播放器

Install Yarock music player on Linux Ubuntu. Yarock is a music player in c++/Qt designed to provide a clean, simple and beautiful music collection based on album coverart. Yarock is a modern looking music player, packed with features, that doesn’t depend on any specific desktop environment.