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Snapchat — — 一切你需要知道 !

获取管理单元快乐并了解所有的来龙去脉 Snapchat !如果你已经在最后一次在互联网上 5 年 (如果你还没有, 欢迎 !)然后你可能看到过照片的女孩与狗脸, 在黄色背景上的白色小鬼, 和简介, 过滤后的照片…

最好的 RSS 阅读器,为 Ubuntu 是阅读器?

Many people still read the news from RSS feeds, using services like Feedly, Feedbin and Old Reader to fetch, read and sync content between devices – myself very much included. Feedreader is a desktop RSS reader for Ubuntu and other Linux desktops. It has a clean,


Which applications would you like to see made available as Snap? That’s the question being asked by the Snapcraft community who work on the technology. “What’s the killer app for you that you wish was a snap install away, automatically updated and always fresh?”, asks a

5 最好的体育应用程序窗口 10

  对于许多人, Sports is life. They don’t watch sports; they breathe sports. Every score, every reaction is breathtaking for them. If you are addicted to sports as well, you might realize how crucial it is to have the updates at the right time. A genuine

如何重置 Windows 上的数据使用 10

Windows 10 runs on tablets, 台式机, and laptops. Windows 10 tablets are limited to just the Surface line at present but the OS has features that are useful for tablet owners. Desktop users have access to these features too, even though they’re less likely to need

是啊, 这是最好的声音转换,Ubuntu

Though I tend to stream music from the cloud when at my desktop PC, I prefer to download and play local audio files when listening to podcasts and audio books on the move. Earlier this week I needed convert a stack of old audio books from

对 deepin 的视觉审查 15.4 GNU/Linux 的美丽

deepin 15.4 has been released on April 19th 2017. This review reveals the visual aspects of this beautiful GNU/Linux operating system. deepin is a very visual desktop OS where everything is accessible via GUI, 中和 15.4 release it gets incredibly more user-friendly. The desktop and

Twitter 将视频应用程序带到 Roku 设备

Twitter might best be known as a microblogging service, but it’ll soon be heading to yet another video platform. Roku and Twitter announced Thursday that Twitter’s video app will now be available on Roku devices. Through the app, users will be able to follow tweets and,