Download VLC Media Player 3.0.0 为 Windows 10

Despite stiff competition from others, VLC Media Player continues to be the world’s most loved video player. Although there is a modern version of the app out there for Windows 10, the classic desktop version of VLC is more popular among PC users. VideoLAN and

How To Enable Extensions For InPrivate Mode In Edge

使用默认设置, Microsoft Edge doesn’t allow you to use extensions when in InPrivate mode. This is because the InPrivate mode is meant to browse the web without leaving behind browsing data and Edge cannot guarantee that extensions don’t collect data. But if you often

PowerShell DSC 和木偶-为什么它不是/或

在这要求管理, 我将讨论为什么木偶和 DSC 在一起通常是混合窗口/Linux 环境中最好的配置管理解决方案. 如果你不熟悉木偶, 它大致相当于 PowerShell 所需的状态配置 (DSC), 一个 PowerShell 的技术, 是建立…