Month: 3月 2017

Viber 消息传递应用程序,以获得自毁对话功能

Globally popular messaging platform Viber will add a new self-destructing chat feature to its iOS app later this week (via The Verge). The new feature, 被称为 “Secret Chats”, gives users the option of starting entire conversations that self-destruct after a certain time limit. Users can prevent

如何在你的 Android 手机上获取谷歌助理

个人助理是越来越受欢迎的功能,在智能手机上. Siri 是第一次个人, 语音激活, 介绍了在智能手机上的助理. 从那时起, 智能手机和桌面都已经更新,以包括个人助理功能. macOS 有 Siri,Windows 有柯塔娜. It’s now a matter

如何使用 CoreFreq CPU 监控软件在 Linux 上

Recently I came across an excellent software called CoreFreq. It is a CPU monitoring software designed for 64-bits Processors w/ architectures Intel Atom, Core2, Nehalem, SandyBridge and superior, and AMD Family 0F. It runs on 64 bit Linux system. CoreFreq provides a framework to retrieve CPU