Month: 12 月 2016

SharePoint 内容数据库迁移指南

사용중인 쉐어포인트 컨텐츠 데이터 베이스를 다른 팜으로 옮기는 작업에 대한 절차 및 가이드 입니다. 운영서버에서 개발서버로 Content Database 를 옮기는 작업에 대해 적용 가능합니다. 공식적인 기술문서는 아래의 링크들을 참조하실 수 있습니다 – Move content databases in SharePoint 2013 ( ) – Attach or detach content databases


Technology in the workplace is developing at a blistering rate. Both consumer tech and uniquely business-orientated innovations are completely changing the working environment, from the boardroom to the basement. Many innovations, such as company-wide instant messaging are now the norm, but we want more. 我们想要…

最佳窗口 10 游戏的 2016

Welcome to this special episode of best Windows 10 应用程序. This article looks back, and lists the best games released for Windows 10 在 2016. I went through allbest of Windows appspost of the year, cross-referenced the popularity of apps on Windows Store, 和…

DupeKill 是快速的重复文件查找器

DupeKill is a simple and fast duplicate file finder for Windows. The program manages to make NirSoft apps look bloated, thanks to a tiny 62.3KB download which unpacks to a single executable. A very basic interface offers barely any search settings. There are no options to

编辑视频在 4k 免费与英武豪气 2.2

The future is Ultra HD, or 4K as it’s known to its friends. Ultra HD TVs and displays are slowly coming into the mainstream, and of course they’re being joined by 4K-capable cameras. But how can you edit that 4K video feed without having to splash


In the past year we’ve already seen the Internet of Things used to carry out cyber attacks, and many experts are predicting that this is a problem that will grow in coming months. Given that many people may have acquired new IoT devices over the holiday

采用 DevOps 的提示

Today businesses are working in more agile and digitally connected ways. What’s more in the case of new software development projects, DevOps is a buzzword that chimes with this sentiment. But what does it mean and how should we view it? Is it a job role?

有 MacBook Pro 与触摸酒吧吗?怎么是您的电池寿命?

Consumer Reports played nasty, little Santa’s helper by plopping a piece of chunky coal into Apple’s Christmas stocking, when denying the coveted—and expected—recommendation. Holy Moly. Over the holiday, the InterWebs exploded with stories during an otherwise, slow tech news cycle. CR found widely, or perhaps wildly,

下载 Windows 10 Windows 应用商店的主题

If you want to download official themes for Microsoft’s operating system you can do so at the moment by going here, and choosing the theme you want from a selection of categories including Featured, Animals, 游戏, 电影, 地方 & Landscapes, and Panoramic. There are also ‘Compatible


The Canadian Radio-television and Telecom Commission has declared that broadband internet is now a basic telecommunications service. While most Canadians live close to the US border, there are still many in remote locations where internet connectivity is either slow or non-existent. The CRTC estimates that roughly

此 MagSafe 替换支持收费, 数据和视频

Apple has declared war on any port that isn’t USB Type-C. Indeed the latter might be the future of computing devices — it proposes one standardized cable that’s reversible and handles power, HDMI as well as data transport — but while that future fully materializes it’ll