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Chris asks…

WordPress Theme - clarifications, inquiries, questions ?

There are these people from freelancing sites and also from another download sites, who are selling me package of multiple premium wordpress themes for a very cheap price.

I search online and found out that those are around $30, $45, $60 and so on..

Why is that?

I think they bought those themseles, then seeling to to many people distributing it for profit.
They claimed that those are really allowed to sell.

Are those legal?

What could be the problems then?


Martin King answers:

WordPress themes are typically made by design teams and sold exclusively through their own brand or on community sites like Themeforest or Mojo Themes. If anyone is selling *outside* of these kinds of sources, they are probably doing so illegally.

If these themes come with no support, updates or anything of that sort, you'll know that they are pirated.

Themes almost always come with a terms of service statement that says you can use the theme on unlimited sites and can use them to develop sites on a freelance basis. However that does NOT mean anyone can simply re-sell them as-is. WordPress theme designers are hard workers and it takes a lot of time and effort for them to create themes from scratch. It is also their livelihood. If you see someone re-selling themes for their own profit, be sure to find the source of where those themes came from and report them to the original designer.

James asks…

Downloaded some WordPress themes. Now what?

Hello, I have recently downloaded the WordPress package from I have also downloaded several templates, but the templates just have JavaScript, PHP, and CSS files in them. No HTML, which means that they just give me the files, not the template.

How am I supposed to create a layout using just the CSS, PHP, and JavaScript files?

Martin King answers:

Hi Wendy,

WordPress themes contain PHP code called Template Tags, as well as HTML and CSS.

Because WordPress is database driven, as opposed to static HTML, the themes use these template tags to integrate WordPress functionality into a site.

In practice, you probably don't need to worry about how a theme is built unless you are creating one from scratch.

Most theme customization is done using CSS.

Here is a link to the WordPress Codex that explains how themes work:

Here is a link to the WordPress Codex that explains how WordPress uses CSS:

I hope this helps.

Richard asks…

What wordpress theme is this website using?

What wordpress theme is this website using?

Martin King answers:

These WordPress Themes are used by - Steam - Responsive Retina Review Magazine Theme

Currently they are using - BUCKET - A Digital Magazine Style WordPress Theme

If you need more details Email Me! They steal premium themes from free website like or

David asks…

How can i make custom WordPress theme?

I have a PSD design and want to convert it into a working WordPress theme. how can i convert PSD to WordPress theme? please guide me to some resources from where i can learn custom theme making.

Martin King answers:

Well making a custom wordpress theme is not that easy , first you should be well aware of wordpress folder structure and working of wordpress thoroughly and then you have think of making a wordpress theme . Fastest way to create a theme is to first decipher any old sample theme see all the files and necessary components needed by a wordpress theme to actually make it work and then design your own .

This article can be a lot beneficial to you :

Thomas asks…

Can i change wordpress theme ?

I have a free blog on my wordpress account (like type) and i want to change its template.....adding some template from outside ....can i do this....please tell me...

Martin King answers:

How to install a WordPress Theme (Video):


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How to Make WordPress Themes (video):
Gallifrey Image Gallery WordPress Plugin:

Designing for WordPress - Complete Series & Downloads:
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