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Robert asks…

Must wordpress multisite/consumer be put in in my root directory?

I've been informed each methods by the gurus at GoDaddy! I have a plain html site and need to incorporate a multiuser weblog into it. I have issues with the install in addition to index.htm and index.php each being within the root. The .php needs to override the .htm at startup. I renamed index.php to residence.php and altered my htaccess file nevertheless it's nonetheless damaged. I've now gone again to sq. one and would really like assist earlier than I go any additional.

Martin King solutions:

The normal model of WordPress has the identical multiuser capabilities than WordPress MU since model, and you may install it anyplace you want.

Index.html will all the time take prederence over some other file, together with index.php.
If it doesn't, then it is advisable to examine the .htaccess file

If you have not executed any work within the WordPress CMS, you would be higher off re-putting in the entire thing from the beginning and WordPress will deal with modifying the .htaccess file

Tip: install WordPress in a subdirectory, resembling /weblog

David asks…

WordPress multisite query?

I lately got here to know that a number of websites might be run with a single set up of wordpress. I know wordpress set up requires one database. Does that imply I can run a number of wordpress web sites spending just one database of my internet hosting account?! If that is the case, will probably be so useful as a result of I can host many web sites with my restricted variety of databases. Please inform me if I am proper or mistaken.
@palladini: So, wordpress multisite function relevant for less than subdomains or is it additionally obtainable for various domains of the identical internet hosting?

Martin King solutions:

All you want is one database. As lengthy as you identify your *tables* uniquely, you possibly can run as many purposes as you need with that one database. You might run Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, a discussion board; all from one database.

This is the way it was finished within the "previous days." You acquired one database and also you labored with it.

WordPress multisite was born to make use of one database.

Joseph asks…

How to Set up WordPress Multisite for Top Level Domains?

anybody know of a tutorial

Martin King solutions:

You want the WordPress MU options constructed into See supply.

Thomas asks…

WordPress - How to permit / create single login for a number of wordpress set up?

For instance: A WordPress is put in at or and different is put in at or how can I permit guests to login in each wordpress's utilizing single login particulars. My function of doing that is, I need to create a webiste for a number of areas and I need to permit my guests to register in a single and login in all/a number of areas. For instance there are lots of websites like google / yahoo it permits single login for his or her a number of merchandise or subsites.

Martin King solutions:

What that you must do that is "Wordpress Multisite".

Check out the hyperlinks under or simply do a seek for "Wordpress Multisite"

Hope this helps,

Charlie Sasser

DIY WordPress for Small Businesses

Mark asks…

After allow multisite enviroment in wordpress site creation wizard plugin not working?

After allow multisite enviroment in wordpress site creation wizard not working

Martin King solutions:

If you’re a heavy WordPress developer like me, you may discover that you must create a brand new set up for every site that requires a wierd construction or particular posts, as an alternative of utilizing your uniform native check WordPress set up.

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