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David asks…

Linux Network Configuration command?

After putting in Ubuntu LAMP a couple of months in the past I used a command from a terminal window that launched a community configuration device (publish set up). I cannot keep in mind what this command was referred to as. Do you already know the identify of this terminal command?

Martin King solutions:

Setup a Debian/Ubuntu LAMP Server

Ubuntu LAMP Server - Setup Guide with Desktop GUI


Paul asks…

linux samba instructions?

Martin King solutions:

Getting an inventory of shares
To get an inventory of the shares on a Windows pc, sort
smbclient -S septicemia
Getting an inventory of pc names
To get an inventory of Netbios names, sort
nmblookup -J WORKGROUP
The '-R' choice performs a node standing question to get the NetBIOS names, whereas nmblookup with no choices ought to return the IP addresses. The most helpful command is
nmblookup -T WORKGROUP
which prints an inventory of hostnames and IP addresses of all of the Windows computer systems. This is far simpler than going by way of the dhcpd.leases file.

Performing backups of Windows computer systems from the Unix command line
smbclient //cholera/A$ -Tc backup.tar
smbclient //cholera/H$ -Tc backup.tar "Documents and
will create a tar file on the Unix pc containing all of the information from their H drive or desktop, respectively. This could be helpful for backing up Windows customers or restoring information that they've misplaced on their pc. Restoring is analogous, besides you employ "-Tx" as an alternative of "-Tc".

This is rather a lot simpler than utilizing Windows' backup utility, as a result of there's much less clicking concerned.

Transferring information with smbclient
To hook up with a Windows pc from Unix, sort
smbclient //cholera/H$ -D username -W workgroup
smbclient //cholera/A -D Administrator -W workgroup
for Windows XP. The "username" parameter could be any legitimate account identify that has adequate privileges, besides in XP the place it have to be Administrator (a consumer with Administrator privileges shouldn't be enough).

Assuming the PC's netbios identify is CHOLERA, this command offers you ftp-like entry to the H: drive.

However, this command does not work for Windows XP in its default configuration. To hook up with XP, change "safety = share" to "safety = consumer My Computer
Right-click on on "Drive H"
Choose Sharing and Security
It will say "If you perceive the danger however nonetheless need to share the basis of the drive, click on right here"
Click there.
Click on "Sharing and Security" -> Security and set the permissions as applicable Run and sort Folder Options another safety software program.
If this does not work, some individuals instructed disabling smb signing by modifying the next key with regedit.
This key's in requiresecuritysignature. I didn't do this.
If it nonetheless does not work, obtain and compile a brand new model of samba from
Try it now.
Click right here for an instance subnet M WINS server conf file.
Click right here for an instance subnet B 'different' conf file.
Click right here for an instance subnet P native grasp conf file.
Click right here for an instance subnet P 'different' conf file.
See the file BROWSING.txt (shamelessly stolen from the samba site) for extra particulars.

Sending Windows Instant Messaging Pop-Ups from Linux
Now you can also ship annoying popup messages to Windows customers! The Windows machine should have IM turned on for this to work.
Smbclient -I ip-tackle -M netbios-identify-of-recipient

The -I choice specifies the ip tackle of the related SMB server. The -M choice species the identify of the Windows pc to hook up with. Type the message after which hit Ctrl-A. The '-I' argument is optionally available if smbclient can discover a WINS server. This command is equal to the
net ship
command in Windows.

Chris asks…

How to get Linux help?

Hi, system Techies,
I m a linux newbie, Just now i've accomplished RHCE course, even i really feel robust to determine packages & utilities in linux platform. I want to be a linux participant,How to collect ideas, utilities& instructions for workstations & server configurations. I want actual time expertise in linux to finish my RHCE examination.

Martin King solutions:

Get an previous pc and install Linux on it. Use the distant desktop choice, or install one your self, and setup SSH or Telnet entry as nicely. You can then entry the field on your own home community out of your Windows machine. If you need assistance discovering an previous PC, ask associates or go to Craig's List in your space. Nothing fancy, perhaps a PII processor and 256mb RAM for primary install.

SSH/Telnet is the first means I entry my field, as it is a devoted web server. I install RPM's and tarball's from command line, and most locations you're employed for will in all probability need you to know some command line stuff anyhow. Additionally command line enter is quicker and does not trigger a lavatory on system assets that a GUI can in a manufacturing surroundings.

Linux distros are free and might be discovered everywhere in the net. For RHCE I would in all probability get RHEL from their FTP site, or get CentOS (I use RHEL4ES, however heard CentOS is simply as shut).

Daniel asks…

assist with linux show!?

I have an imac G5 ppc and am operating Yellow Dog Linux on it. Today I tried to configure one other monitor (a samsung SyncMaster 712n) so I might use twin screens utilizing the apple VGA adaptor. During the configuration course of, I made the settings LCD 1024 by 768 (i feel, which I am fairly positive is the very best decision that the syncmaster can run). However, after making use of the settings I needed to log on and off for the modifications to be carried out. As quickly as I logged off, the display went black and remained that approach. So I restarted. The boot up course of labored completely, and the show was positive, however as quickly because the bootup course of completed, as an alternative of the login display popping up, the display went black once more! So I restarted once more, this time with out the second monitor hooked up to the imac, and the display nonetheless went black after the boot course of! At this level I simply need to have the ability to use my pc with one display, I might care much less about twin screens. Please assist!! If you assume you might have even the slightest concept of what could be happening and the best way to repair it I would actually respect it!

Martin King solutions:

Apparently your hardware doesn't just like the configuration, so you'll have to briefly revert your modifications.

The show on Linux is managed by the X Server. You should edit this configuration from the command line to repair your drawback.

On YDG, you'll be able to edit the config with:
pico /etc/X11/XF86Config

it's also possible to reset to the default show with:

Check the next for extra particulars:

George asks…

Hosting a server in Terraria?

Hi, I'm making an attempt to host a server in Terraria on the PC to play with one among my pals. I've scoured numerous tutorials and have carried out what they requested. I forwarded the 7777 port, allowed terrariaserver.exe to bypass my firewall, and I've tried having him be a part of with my regular IP and one utilizing Hamachi. I have completely no concept what I'm doing improper, if anybody might supply any perception I can be very appreciative.

Martin King solutions:

Set the server to make use of a static ip handle by say taking a look at connection particulars and writing down all the data. Ip handle, subnet, default gateway, and dns. The IP Address might be say, Subnet is usually, decide the default gateway after which you possibly can set your static ip handle. The dns server is for logging on and sometimes in case your router helps it. Entering the default gateway into dns server #B will get you on-line with out the necessity to change it when the dynamic dns modifications in your supplier. So say your servers ip configuration is for ip, subnet, default gateway, and eventually for dns. By utilizing you employ the suppliers dns which may monitor and monitor data, nevertheless all dns servers gather analytical information about your shopping habits. However in backup web down conditions Google dns servers H.H.H.H, and eight.H.A.A will get you on-line and will probably be safer than the suppliers dns. Another DNS server to make use of is COMODO's Secure DNS Servers which supplies you with probably the most privateness on-line attainable at present until your on a proxy. COMODO's DNS is H.26.fifty six.26. Now that you've your .240 ip setup, go to router setup web page and set .240 to dmz in case your not OCD after safety and even with it enabled your actually not anymore safe since Linux hackers can eat via a none dmz'ed home windows laptop in a matter of minutes or seconds (just some brief linux instructions). So disable home windows firewall utterly and set the server to dmz and your golden! When your not internet hosting the server, simply take it off the DMZ and depart the static ip. Static ip configuration supplies probably the most secure server internet hosting efficiency in addition to enhanced safety over normal DHCP pulled addresses. On one other word if you'd like safety install the previous standalone Comodo Firewall by the filename cfw_installer.exe which you will discover by way of google. The new comodo web safety is a pita and does not work in addition to the standalone firewall. You can block ICMP, ICMPv6, IGMP protocols etc that are all principally safety doorways hackers can chime via. Anyone need some recommendation on safety simply e mail me cbxox2 hotmail ....... Good luck 🙂

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