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James asks…

Where can I get Free Internet Marketing Training in London?

Martin King answers:

Local Buzz Marketing London is an SEO Training Company in London that serves all UK businesses interested in taking their offline store online. They offer webinars, free internet marketing training, and much, much more.


William asks…

Should I go into internet marketing or web design (as sideline)?

I read internet marketing books and watched the videos but really do not feel much affinity for it. I may be happier using Dreamweaver and doing some coding. There is potentially more money to be earned from internet marketing.

Any help from you? Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

Martin King answers:

Internet Marketing is a tough game to jump into without a lot of research and training, I wouldn't jump in head-first that's for sure. Web design is a lot more straight-forward, but both of these services are highly competitve and hard sells. I would suggest you look into a qualified training program for your goals and avoid the stumbling blocks of trial and error business-building.

Daniel asks…

Internet Marketing, is it something easy to get into? It looks like a great opportunity to work from home.?

It looks like a great opportunity and at the $5 price tag...

Audio is also easy to understand.

Give it a try?

Martin King answers:

Internet marketing is someting that is extremely easy to get into, but succeeding at it takes a lot of hard work, just like anything else.

I'm a reseller of these audios myself, and they are well worth the $5. Sure, just about any information can be found online for free, but here are 20 training audios ready to be listened to for 5 bucks. Surely your time seeking out alternatives is worth more than that.

Or, if you'd like to learn about affiliate marketing, here's a nice free ebook, "Keys to Affiliate Profits": . Then contact me and I'll give you those audios free.

I make a nice living working my Internet business full time. Don't buy into anything promising instant success, but it's easily possible to make good part-time or even a full time income working on the Internet from home.

David asks…

i want to learn internet marketing ?

i want to get training of internet marketing but free of cost online training can some one help me?i have no idea about that...

Martin King answers:

Kindercold had some great advice. Beware though that with the Burn Marketing Method they do try to get you to buy into their monthly subscription.

There are some good sites out there with great information for sale. The trick is that you have to put in the work and time to make internet marketing work. I believe most people spend the money for these "systems" but, after reading all of the material and trying a couple of things, they stop and give up when they don't get rich right away. It doesn't work that way.

I belong to a membership site that has taught me a lot and given me some great tools. It has earned me a nice supplement to my normal income. I didn't need to pay for the information, but it made the process of making money online so much faster then if I did all the research and trial and error on my own.

Having said that, there is a ton of information out there and it all just confuses most of us. What happens when you get a lot of varying info from different sources is "paralysis by analysis". In other words you don't do anything because you don't know where to start. There's just too much information.

I suggest that you go to the library and check out a book or two on internet marketing. Or go to the bookstore, buy a latte and read away. One of my favorite books is Moonlighting on the Internet by Yanik Silver. It gives a good overview of some different internet marketing avenues.

Good Luck

Michael asks…

Any Webmaster or Internet Marketing (SEO) guru who would train me via a FREE One to One Tutorial?

You know I am really fed up with all the so-called internet marketing millionaires who either try to sell me their ebooks or try to get me to join their expensive tutorials and programs.
Well, I honestly believe a genuine internet marketing expert or webmaster would not charge me a dime because if he or she would introduce me to the internet money making system that really works, then I bet through me he or she could also multiply their internet earnings and profits.
And, then you can absolutely trust me that as soon as my involvement in working with you proves successful, I will excitedly and unselfishly spread a word about it to everyone I know on earth.
It makes sense?
Many Thanks to You in advance.

Martin King answers:

Anything that generate earnings, involve expenditure. It doesn't have to be always expensive though. Also, internet marketing requires hard-work and patience but, it doesn't mean there aren't anybody out there who aren't willing to help.

Http:// can actually help you with training modules for free and it even has a friendly forum for any type of questions you have for seo and internet marketing matters.

Good luck!

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