Your Questions About Digital Marketing Strategy

Donald asks…

Have idea about digital marketing strategy?

Can any one give me digital marketing strategy idea?

Martin King answers:

Its a very broad term. Digital marketing includes SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Ad Sense. Regarding the strategy, it depends on what the website requirement is. I would advise you to put down some more details on what part of the strategy are you looking forward to.

Robert asks…

How has the new digital age affected marketing strategies?

Martin King answers:

Marketing in which sense?

You have now quite a lot of possibilities to promote your business online... Be it with videos on youtube, articles, blogs, forums, or with paid traffic like PPC via google or facebook ads....
Especially social media helps a lot for promoting your business these days....

John asks…

Digital Marketing Coordinator Salary?

We are looking to hire a "Digital Marketing Coordinator" for our company in Boston, MA. This person will be responsible for the online presence of the company. Things like website management and content creation, PPC, SEO, e-mail marketing, etc. We would look to this person to not only implement an online strategy, but also create it and take us to "the next level" online.

However, we cannot figure out what would be a fair salary for this new hire. Any suggestions?

Martin King answers:

The average salary for Digital Marketing Coordinator is $37,000 per year.

James asks…

Guerilla marketing strategies?

Looking for a creative, fun, unusual, attention-getting marketing strategy for a recording studio/record label.... any ideas?
We already do all that (flyers, myspace, facebook...) I'm looking for something else. Something a little more surprising and attention-grabbing

Martin King answers:

1. Make flyer's and distribute them at local music stores, CD Stores, Lifestyle locations and musical equipment supply stores.
2. Use myspace and Face book to promote it too.

Make sure to list the type of services you offer at your studio and include something extra no other studio will offer...Example: 2 free hours when you buy a block rate..5 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours or Free mixing or CD duplication offers!

This is the cheapest and basic way to promote something like that. The reason why you go to these types of locations like CD stores or musical equipment supply stores is because you are targeting people that take music serious.
By adding an offer or coupon on the flyer is so you can track of your flyer campaign and see if that works for your business. Also I know I guy that offers distribution for recording artist and sells packages like
Posters, CD's, Flyers, CD Album distribution into stores and digital distribution for a price. Look into offering soming like that and mention it.
You dont got to ask...any ideas?? Ask your self why should people go to you! What do you have that other studios dont and make it clear to make your business stand above the other studios!

Chris asks…

Do you have any idea. What is Digital Marketing & how can we do this?

I have a website & i wanted to promote my site through to Digital Marketing. I don't have any idea. kindly anybody help me regarding this. any material. any good knowledge.

Martin King answers:

Digital Marketing means you have to market your website so as to top the search engines. There are some strategies in Digital Marketing include

Email Marketing
Google Adwords
Facebook Promotions
SEO etc.....,

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