How to Install Claws Mail 15.1 אין ובונטו 16.04 / 17.04

Claws Mail, the lightweight fast GTK+ email clent, has reached 3.15.1 release recently. דאָ ס ווי צו ינסטאַלירן עס אין ובונטו 16.04, ובונטו 17.04, and higher via PPA repository.

Claws Mail 3.15.1 is a bug-fix release with following fixes:

  • Contact pictures not deleted when contact is deleted
  • Fails to build in Debian kfreebsd-*
  • Crash upon deleting tags.
  • AttRemover deletes message and fails to create new one when disk is full
  • “Re-edit” should not recycle the Message-ID header
  • fails with invalid test on line 33
  • segfault at startup with old profile and IMAP account
  • slibtool causes compile failure
  • fix crash in sieve manager window when no account has sieve enabled.
  • fix incorrect labels in folder selection dialog.
  • fix RSSyl feeds getting renamed to “Untitled feed”.
  • fix Resent-Date value.
  • fix typo around libarchive in

claws mail 3.15.1

How to Install Claws Mail via PPA:

For those who want to install the latest 3.15.1 release of the email client in Ubuntu 16.04, ובונטו 17.04, ובונטו 17.10, און דעריוואַטיווז, do following steps to get it from PPA:

1. Open terminal via Ctrl+Alt+T or from application launcher. ווען עס אָפּענס, לויפן באַפֿעל צו לייגן די פּפּאַ:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/claws-mail

ינפּוט אייער פּאַראָל (קיין וויזשאַוואַל באַמערקונגען בשעת טייפּינג) ווען עס פּראַמפּס און שלאָגן קום.

2. Then upgrade via Software Updater if you have a previous release installed:

or run following commands to check updates and install Claws Mail:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install claws-mail


To remove Claws Mail email reader, either use your system package manage or run command:

sudo apt remove --autoremove claws-mail

To remove the PPA, launch ‘Software & Updates’ utility and navigate to Other Software tab.


לאָזן אַ ענטפֿערן