[Windows 10 Tip] Use “Network Reset” Feature to Fix Common Internet Connection Issues

[Windows 10 Tip] Use “Network Reset” Feature to Fix Common Internet Connection Issues

Many times we face Internet connection issues such as no connectivity, limited connection, unable to access network drives, unable to browse websites, etc. To fix these network connection issues, we can take help of the built-in network diagnostics/troubleshooter in Windows which automatically detects and fixes known issues.

But some times this built-in troubleshooter can’t fix connection problems and we need to manually reset network connection settings and network adapters using commands such as netsh, ipconfig, etc as mentioned in following tutorials:

But if you are using Windows 10 operating system, you can use a built-in “Network Reset” feature to automatically reset network adapters and networking components settings. This feature first removes all installed network adapters and then reinstalls them. It also sets other networking components back to their original settings.

“Network Reset” feature was introduced in Windows 10 Anniversary Update build (version 1607). This feature was actually implemented to help users in solving connection problems after upgrading to Windows 10 from a previous Windows version but it also helps users in fixing network connection issues they might have.

To access “Network Reset” feature, you just need to follow these simple steps:

1. Open Settings app from Start Menu or by pressing WIN+I keys together.

2. Now go to Network & Internet section and under Status tab, click on Network Reset link given at the bottom of right-side pane.


3. It’ll show a screen telling you that network reset option will remove and reinstall all your network adapters and will also restore all networking components to their default settings. Click on “Reset Now” button to start network reset feature.


4. It’ll show a confirmation message “Are you sure you want to reset your network settings?“, click on “Yes” button to accept the confirmation.


That’s it. It’ll reset network adapters and settings and will restart your computer to take effects.


Once you use network reset feature, you might need to reinstall and set up other networking software such as VPN client software or virtual switches from Hyper‑V (if you use network virtualization software).


Network reset feature automatically sets all known network connections to public network mode. It is done to make your PC more secure as in public network mode, your PC is not discoverable to other PCs and devices on the network. If you want to make your PC discoverable again, go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Wi-Fi page, click on “Manage known networks” link, click on desired network connection, select Properties option and turn on the “Make this PC discoverable” option. Now you’ll be able to connect your PC to a homegroup or share files or printers.