Tại sao Surface Book Clipboard chế độ cung cấp chỉ 4 Giờ tuổi thọ pin

Surface-Book-image-8Microsoft’s claim is that Surface Book will offer 12-hour battery life. The 12-hour claim is applicable only when you use it as a laptop, which means the keyboard base and the display is connected. This is because Microsoft has split the battery between display and the keyboard base. Why Microsoft didn’t put all the battery in the display itself just like the Surface Pro 4? There’s a reason behind it.

“When you put all that weight in the top of the product, it’s like 1.57 pounds on the top, you have to balance that out with base. That’s the key. Every single trade-off in the product, how much battery you put in, how much battery you put down bottom, how do we hold to the 12-hour target that we set?” said Panay. Cuối cùng, the battery is split, though not evenly, between the base and top. The top gets four hours of battery life, and the bottom gets eight.

Vì vậy, you get only 4 hours of battery life with the top. The good thing here is that you can charge the top separately without the need for the keyboard base. Vì vậy, Surface Book top can act as a powerful tablet and can function without the need of keyboard base.

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