How to Recall Sent WhatsApp Messages After 7 Phút

We all know that WhatsApp announced a new feature được gọi là Delete for Everyone Feature to revoke messages. But the app only allows a user to delete the message within the time span of 7 minutes after sending it. What if a person changed his mind and wants to delete the text after 7 minutes of sending? Is it possible? Because WhatsApp does not allow it officially.


Tất nhiên, nó có thể. Due to a loophole present in your phone’s operating system and Whatsapp’s functionality, you can delete the message on the recipient’s phone up to 7 days after sending it. This trick will work on both Android and iOS smartphones.

In order to perform this trick, you need to have a basic knowledge of changing your device date and time. That's right, by changing the date and time of your device you will be able to delete the message on the recipient’s phone.

How To Delete Whatsapp Message After 7 phút

  1. Thứ nhất, you need to disconnect your phone from the internet connection. Just turn off the Wi-fi or mobile data on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Force close the Whatsapp window.
  3. Change the date and time of the device to the day before you sent the message.
  4. Now open Whatsapp, select the message and delete it for everyone.
  5. After deleting the message reset the date and time of the device to the current values.
  6. Cuối cùng, connect your mobile to the internet.


The above is procedure is done only when the internet is off.

To force close the Whatsapp application go to cài đặt > ứng dụng > WhatsApp > Force Stop.

When you delete the message after 7 phút, Whatsapp may close abruptly. But when you reopen the app, the message will be deleted.

Tuy nhiên, you need to note that if you delete the message for everyone, the recipient will know that you have deleted some text and there might be a possibility that the opposite person has already read the message before you deleted it.

Although you can delete messages through Whatsapp Web, this trick is not applicable to it.

Tuy nhiên, if you try to delete a message older than 7 Ngày, Whatsapp will show you a warning message to set the date and time.


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