Chia sẻ Apple mới tăng cường nguồn lực thực tế cho nhà phát triển

Apple today updated its developer site với new sample code for ARKit, cung cấp cho các nhà phát triển với các chi tiết bổ sung về những gì có thể được thực hiện với các tính năng sắp tới.

Theo Apple, mã mới có sẵn cùng với mới ARKit “thực tiễn tốt nhất” published in the Human Interface Guidelines. Apple also asks developers working on an “Tuyệt vời” ARKit experience to share it with the company.

Design intuitive augmented reality experiences for iOS using the best practices now available in the Human Interface Guidelines, and explore new sample code for ARKit. We can’t wait for your apps to be available to hundreds of millions of people with the launch of iOS 11 vào mùa thu này. If you’re working on creating an amazing experience with ARKit and would like to share it with us, let us know.

The new demos cover interactive content in ARKit and audio in ARKit, trong khi các Human Interface Guidelines cover ideal app design like using the entire display, creating convincing illusions, being mindful of user safety, interacting with virtual objects, positioning virtual objects, và nhiều hơn nữa.

Along with new ARKit info, Apple today also informed developers that starting in the fall, apps will need to support App Store transactions of promoted in-app purchases for in-app purchases to be properly displayed on the App Store.

iOS 11 includes new functionality that will let users browse in-app purchases from the App Store app and purchase them before downloading an app, and developers will need to implement support when the GM version of the Xcode 9 được phát hành.

Với iOS 11, users can browse in-app purchases directly on the App Store and start a purchase even before downloading your app. During the iOS 11 beta period, promoted in-app purchases are displayed on the App Store without the ability to buy. Starting this fall, your app must handle App Store transactions of promoted in-app purchases in order for your in-app purchases to be displayed on the App Store. Once the GM version of Xcode 9 được phát hành, simply implement the new delegate method within SKPaymentTransactionObserver, rebuild your app, and submit for review. You can also customize which promoted in-app purchases a user sees on a specific device with the SKProductStorePromotionController API.

Apple is expected to release iOS 11 in September alongside new iPhones, and that’s when the first ARKit apps will become available for download.


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