Use Multiple Skype Accounts on Single Windows 8/8.1 PC

For various reason we have multiple accounts on online world :-D. So you may be also having multiple Skype Accounts just like having multiple dropbox accounts for work and personal usage as I have. Having multiple accounts can be convenient and at the same time it is also time consuming in maintain multiple accounts especially with those accounts where you restricted to use only one account on one computer, With this you need to always logout the account that you are already using to use another account you have :-(, If you want to overcome this problem then start reading this post and follow step by step procedure ,to use multiple Skype accounts on single windows 8 computer :-D.


Multiple Skype Accounts On Single Windows 8 Computer

There are two way to use Multiple accounts on your Windows computer. First one is by using a software named SeaSide and another one is by manually running one line of command.

We will first see How you can run with Software:

Using multiple Skype Accounts on Single Windows computer is made possible with SeaSide Software. With this software you can use any number of Skype accounts on your single Windows computer. The only restriction with this software is You can’t use more than one Skype account which is linked with Microsoft account. If you are not bounded with this restriction then you can continue further and start using multiple accounts on your computer.

Step 1:

You need to get the SeaSide a free software from here [Official Link]

Step 2:

Now Extract the file and start installing the application as per the software easy install guide. (At the last step to complete the installation make sure do you want to run all the Skype accounts on startup or not, I don’t prefer as I want my computer too boot fast ).

Step 3:

Now after completion of installation. You will be presented with a new window to configure the Skype accounts And click on Add Account.As shown in Below image


If you missed the window don’t worry you can open by searching it from Windows charm bar as shown in here in this image. (In the above image I am already using multiple skype accounts on my Windows computer)



Step 4:

Now you will be presented with new popup window, Where you can add the Skype and Microsoft account. (Note you can only add one Microsoft account).




Step 5:

Now click on Save after adding all the accounts you want to access on your computer. After completion of adding the accounts select the account by  right click and hit on Start Skype with this account as shown in below image.


That’s it you have completed adding multiple accounts to seaside. Now you can add any number of skype accounts and use from your single windows computer.

Note:- And don’t forget about the “Start All Skype Accounts on Windows Start” option.

Method 2:Using Multiple Skype Accounts in a manual way i.e without any software

If you don’t want to prefer the above method in using multiple accounts. Then here is another method without using any software.

You can multiple instances of Skype by running on simple command.

  • Open the Windows Command Shell (Windows + R enter cmd )
  • Now enter the following command if your running 32 bit version of Windows Operating System.

“C:Program FilesSkypePhoneSkype.exe” /secondary

  • Along with quotes.
  • And if you are using 64bit version Operating System then enter the following command

“C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhoneSkype.exe” /secondary

That’s how you can run another instance of Skype on your computer with out any software. The only thing this method lacks from the above method is you need to every time login into Skype, as this starts new instance of Skype.

Choose your preferable method as per your chance and enjoy the Skype



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