How to use CoreFreq CPU monitoring software on Linux

Recently I came across an excellent software called CoreFreq. It is a CPU monitoring software designed for 64-bits Processors w/ architectures Intel Atom, Core2, Nehalem, SandyBridge and superior, and AMD Family 0F. It runs on 64 bit Linux system. CoreFreq provides a framework to retrieve CPU data with a high degree of precision:

  1. Core frequencies & ratios; SpeedStep (EIST), Turbo Boost, Hyper-Threading (HTT) and Base Clock
  2. Performance counters including Time Stamp Counter (TSC), Unhalted Core Cycles (UCC), Unhalted Reference Cycles (URC)
  3. Number of instructions per cycle or second, IPS, IPC, or CPI
  4. CPU C-States C0 C1 C3 C6 C7 – C1E – Auto/UnDemotion of C1 C3
  5. DTS Temperature and Tjunction Max, Thermal Monitoring TM1 TM2 state
  6. Topology map including Caches for boostrap & application CPU
  7. Processor features, brand & architecture strings

How to install CoreFreq

You must install the prerequisite packages and compilers. For Debian/Ubuntu Linux, enter:
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential dkms git libpthread-stubs0-dev
For CentOS/RHEL/Scientific Linux, run:
$ sudo yum group install "Development Tools"
Type the following command to clone git repo:
$ git clone
Sample outputs:

Fig.01: Download or clone the source code

Fig.01: Download or clone the source code

Compile the CoreFreq program

Type the following commands:
$ cd CoreFreq/
$ make

Sample outputs:

Fig.02: Build the programs

Fig.02: Build the programs

Load the Linux kernel module

Type the following insmod command to load Linux kernel module from local directory:
$ sudo insmod ./corefreqk.ko

How do I use the corefreqd daemon?

First, start the daemon:
$ sudo ./corefreqd &
Sample outputs:

[1] 11906
 CoreFreq Daemon.  Copyright (C) 2015-2017 CYRIL INGENIERIE

Finally, start the client, run:
$ ./corefreq-cli
Without any arguments, the corefreq-cli program displays Top Monitoring as follows:

Animated gif 01: Client program in action

Animated gif 01: Client program in action

How do show dashboard

Start it as follows:
$ ./corefreq-cli -t

How do I print system information

$ ./corefreq-cli -s
Sample outputs:

Fig.03: Show Processor information (BSP)

Fig.03: Show Processor information (BSP)
To see all other options, type:
$ ./corefreq-cli -h

CoreFreq.  Copyright (C) 2015-2017 CYRIL INGENIERIE

usage:	corefreq-cli [-option ]
	-t	Show Top (default)
	-d	Show Dashboard
	-c	Monitor Counters
	-i	Monitor Instructions
	-s	Print System Information
	-M	Print Memory Controller
	-m	Print Topology
	-u	Print CPUID
	-k	Print Kernel
	-h	Print out this message

Exit status:
0	if OK,
1	if problems,
>1	if serious trouble.

Report bugs to labs[at]

See the project page for more options and info.


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