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24 Кращі WordPress теми для SEO експертів

Ви шукаєте найкращі теми WordPress для експертів SEO? В якості експерта SEO, Ви можете вибрати тему, яка демонструє свої SEO та маркетингові навички, допомагаючи вам конвертувати відвідувачів в клієнтів. У цій статті, ми підібрані деякі з кращих…

How to Delete Revisions in WordPress

I regularly copy my live WordPress sites back to my local server. Not only is it an extra backup, but it allows me to develop locally with up to date content. Lately I’ve been getting annoyed at how bloated the WordPress databases seem to get. A

How To Install WordPress On Plesk

I use Media Temple VPS for all my hosting. By default they come with PLESK to manage the server (although you can choose cPanel). Plesk comes with a 1-click installer (under Applications), and you can use this to install WordPress. However I’ve run into problems before

WordPress: Action Hooks vs. Filter Hooks

In WordPress, hooks are the building blocks for your themes and plugins and are vital for their functionality. В основному, their purpose is to allow developers to make their own custom code (and custom functionalities) to themes or plugins without changing any of the original WordPress files.

14 Best WordPress Magazine Themes of 2016

If you have a content rich website and you’re looking for a new theme, then you probably want a WordPress magazine theme. It gives you freedom to break the typical layout and showcase more of your articles, відео, and images. There are hundreds perhaps thousands of

Use PHP in WordPress text widget

Ever wondered how to get php code working in the WordPress text widget? There are some plugins out there wich enable this simple functionality, but why using a plugin if it’s so easy to implement by yourself! You just have to insert the following code to