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[Підказка] Як змінити шрифти меню, Діалогове вікно та іншого тексту в Windows 8 а пізніше

How to Change Fonts of Menus, Діалогове вікно та іншого тексту в Windows 8 and Later SUMMARY: This tutorial will help you in changing the default "Segoe UI" font of various menus, (правою кнопкою миші) контекстні меню, діалогові вікна й інші видимого тексту у Windows 8, Windows 8.1

How Do I Backup Windows 10 Activation?

  While using previous versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8.1, Windows 8 і Windows 7, many users used to back up the activation after successfully activating their copy of Windows operating system. The core benefit of backing up Windows activation is that it

If you don’t want Windows 10, do this!

Reports are coming in by users from around the world on sites like Reddit that machines running Windows 7 або Windows 8 have been updated -- Знову -- для Windows 10 автоматично. They report that the update was automated, and that they did not receive