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System76 приносить 4 К дисплей ноутбука Ubuntu Linux для користувачів Pro

Нарешті, деякі хороші новини для любителів Apple, який розбився в System76 сайт кілька днів тому. Apple робить хороша ноутбук. Однак, їм не вистачає параметр для додавання додаткових ОЗУ або порти або відеокарта. The new System76 Oryx laptop has a 4K HiDPI

Огляд Netrunner 2016.1

IntroductionThere are two versions of Netrunner available, the standard release which is based on Kubuntu which itself is based on Debian and the one which I am reviewing today which is based on Manjaro which in turn is based on Arch. На…

Огляд Solus 1.1

IntroductionI once reviewed another Linux distribution called SolusOS back in 2013. That distribution was based on Debian and used the GNOME 2 робоче середовище. As with many smaller distributions it showed a lot of promise but ultimately

How to Update Your iPhone to iOS 9.3

Let Apple upgrade you. At today’s Apple event, the tech giant unveiled, серед іншого, a new operating system for the iPhone and iPad. Meet iOS 9.3. It’s not that much different from the previous OS, 9.2.1. But even if you’re sick of