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Google піксель XL 2: 'Маскі' пристрою скасовано на користь великих слухавка 'Taimen'

Новий звіт заявляє, що у розвитку прямий наступник Google піксель XL, під кодовою назвою "Маскі," було скасовано. Це тепер будучи чутки, що слухавка була замінена більшого пристрою, під кодовою назвою "Taimen", яка LG Electronics може виробляти для Google. Не…

Android “O” Beta “Coming Soon,” Google Says

With Google I/O on the horizon, Google announced that it has ended the Android “Nougat” Beta and will soon launch the Android “O” Beta. На сьогоднішній день, Google had been providing Beta versions of Android Nougat (versions 7.x) alongside early, Developer Preview versions of Android O, на…

How to Activate YouTube Dark Mode

  Cool YouTube Darkness Apparently Google is working on a not-so-secret Dark Mode for YouTube and you can activate it yourself in just three easy steps. Особисто, I find a darker background to be easier on the eyes and certainly hope that Google incorporate this feature

How To Install Google Earth On Ubuntu 17.04

How to install Google Earth in Ubuntu 17.04. Google Earth puts a planet’s worth of imagery and other geographic information right on your desktop. View exotic locales like Maui and Paris as well as points of interest such as local restaurants, hospitals, schools, і багато іншого. Встановити…

Google discontinues Pixel laptops

  Однак, more notebooks could be forthcoming Google has killed off its line of Pixel notebooks, but fans of the company's first party hardware will be pleased to know it may not be completely abandoning the market. Speaking to press at Barcelona's MWC, TechCrunch reports, Google's