Easy Way To Find IMEI Number Of Your Lost Android Phone

Here is the Fix to find IMEI Number of your lost Android Mobile

IMEI stands for ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’ is a 15 digit unique number assigned to each and every cellular device for its mobile identification, you can block or find your lost mobile phone using IMEI number.

It is easy to find IMEI Number when you have your mobile phone with you just type *#06# and then click dial button or you can find it on back panel by removing your phone battery. Також, you can find it from the mobile phone box which comes at the time of purchase. Still you can’t find your mobile IMEI number just follow the below steps and find your mobile phone easily.

Every android mobile phone has synced with Google account, Google is pretty smarter it will sync your phone’s important data and keep in its memory.

Now follow the advance method to find IEMI number of your lost phone.

STEP 1: Go to this link Google.com/settings then Login with your Google account which you have set as default in your mobile phone.

STEP 2: Потім Розгорнути на Android tab by clicking the Android Logo which is present over there.

find imei number of lost android phone

find imei number of lost android phone

STEP 3: Finally you can find your device name, its respective IMEI Number and other details of your mobile phone.

Примітка: if You don’t remember your Google account which you have synced with your mobile phone then its really bad luck for you. There is no other way other than the above-mentioned method to find IMEI number of your lost android mobile.

Bonus tips: In this above-mentioned advance method you can give an alert ring or enable lock & erase from your Google account to your mobile phone by clicking the . This will help you to find your phone when you have misplaced your phone in your room or office. (Internet Required on Mobile Phone)

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