Author: AaronStuart

The Snap App of Sublime Text 3 Available for Test

The community has made Sublime Text 3 into the SNAP package. До цих пір, it’s available for testing in candidate channel. A snap is an universal Linux application comes with all its dependencies bundled. It runs in sandbox and is isolated from other system software. Якщо ви…

Spotify is now available as a Snap app on Ubuntu

Spotify is now available as a Snap app on Ubuntu and other Snap-supporting Linux distributions. Despite this launch Spotify say Linux is still not a platform they actively support The package means it’s now more convenient for fans of Spotify to install the official client on

Troubleshoot Outlook “Not implemented” Unable to Send Email Error

After upgrading my workstation to Windows 10 Попередній перегляд побудувати Insider 17046 my Outlook 2013 stopped working. Спеціально, Outlook was unable to send emails, Send/Receive All Folders, or launch Account Settings. Outlook will prompt for an error message saying “Not implemented” with no additional information was given.