Місяць: Липень 2015

How to Configure TigerVNC Server on Fedora 22

Hi everyone, today we'll learn how to setup TigerVNC server in a machine running Fedora 22. TigerVNC is an open source virtual network computing software that was a fork of TightVNC. It focuses on performance and on remote display functionality. After its initial development, it was implemented as

How To Use Bluetooth Speakers In Ubuntu

One of the It’s FOSS reader, Tim Pedersen, requested a tutorial on setting up Bluetooth speakers in Ubuntu around 20 days back. What a coincidence! Because I have been thinking of buying a Bluetooth speakers for sometime and I used Amazon Prime Day to buy me

Як встановити SMPlayer в Ubuntu

SMPlayer is an open source video player which included all codecs once you install it. By installing it, you can play any video or audio without installing Ubuntu codec packages first. You can install SMPlayer from PPA repository. SMPlayer official website is at Sourceforge. The Commands

Як встановити KDE KMPlayer в Ubuntu

KDE є відкритим джерелом відео плеєр, названий KMPlayer (не слід плутати з Pandora KMPlayer). KMPlayer є фактично графічним Інтерфейсом для MPlayer. Так, встановлення KMPLayer також встановить MPlayer і багато залежностей KDE. KMPlayer доступна в Ubuntu офіційний репозитарій. Here how to install it.

Windows 10 and Automatic Updates

I feel that Windows 10 is a win-win for users regardless of the devices they’re using, and a much more positive experience than was Windows 8. But given overwhelmingly negative nature of online feedback, there is always a chance that some less-than-positive aspect of Windows 10—real