Місяць: Червень 2015

Boost Local SEO: How to Add a Map to a Facebook Page

Are you a local small business with a storefront? Does your address or a map show up on your Facebook business page? Do you encourage customers to check-in at your location? We recently discussed the benefits of optimizing Foursquare for geo-local marketing by adding important information such

Видалення графічних середовищ з Linux Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04/14.10

Видаліть і видалити середовищ з Linux Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04 і Ubuntu 14.10. Видалити кориці робочий стіл для Ubuntu. Видалити Mate робочий стіл Ubuntu. Встановлення середовищ Linux Ubuntu, досить легко, but most of the users fail to uninstall and remove the Desktop Environments

Is Samsung plotting more Tizen phones for this year?

Раніше цього року, Samsung had announced there would bea flood of devicespowered by its Android OS competitor Tizen in 2015. While the Korean tech-giant has made wearables, appliances and TVs all boasting its home-grown OS, only one Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z1, has launched

What’s new in Windows 10 побудувати 10158

Uncharacteristically late on Monday afternoon, Microsoft released a pivotal new version of the Windows 10 Попередній перегляд Insider. Побудувати 10158, as it’s called, arrives one month after the last official build, and one month before July 29, the set-in-concrete RTM ship date for the next version of

This could be the new Moto G in all its glory

A new set of images have been leaked that might show Motorola’s upcoming Moto G (2015) handset. If these images, which were leaked to TechnoBuffalo by an anonymous source, are legitimate then it is our best look yet at the still unannounced budget smartphone. The images