Twitter Trick to Get Hundreds of Followers Instantly

Getting more twitter followers is a tough job.Marketers and business owners find them themselves in great hassle in getting twitter followers.Getting real twitter follower is really a pain if you are not Celebrity or Top Gun in your industry.Today I am going to reveal a simple twitter trick to get more twitter followers instantly.

There are some online apps and software available to automate the process but again this is a painful process, not every follow you back. ( in a Twitter, only 20% follow you back if you follow the lot of people, leading to restriction on your account to follow more or even a suspension of a twitter account)Today I am going to reveal simple stupid trick to get the hundreds of real twitter followers instantly, in just a matter of  hour. No need to pay 400 $ to  500 $ for a software.No Bot, fake or spam followers. you will 100 % real twitter followers.This twitter trick is so simple and powerful and you will get the instant results.

Here is the step by step process to get real twitter followers.

Step 1 :

Go to TwitterCounter

Here you find the Top 100 most influential users on Twitter.Twitter users with the highest number of followers.

Free twitter Followers

 Step 2:

Select top 10 People with the highest number of Twitter can extend the target list and select more than 10  Celebrities.However, I stick to only Top 10 users with highest followers.

Open each profile in the new tab in this way, Tab 1 = profile one, Tab 2 = Profile two, Tab 3= Profile 3, click on their username .where you can directly land on their twitter profile page.Follow them all in each step. After 5 minutes unfollow all.

Trick to get Twitter Followers


Step 3:


Repeat the process for some time.Keep following and following them for after every 5 minutes. Repeat the process at least for one hour.

just after 1 hours you will get 400 to 500 real twitter followers.

How This Process Work.

Top Twitter Guns have the hundreds of followers, following them time.

when you follow them your name come to the top in their followers list.

Anyone who is going to follow them may also follow you.

Anyone who is going to follow their followers may also follow you.

Anyone who is going to Check their profile, may also check your profile and follow you.

Anyone that see’s their tweets, also see you first and also follow you.

I have 10 twitters of which I using the same trick to get the twitter followers.The get the most of this trick, try this in peak hours when maximum twitter user is active.I usually do it at 8 P.M to 10 P.M.

The only thing, you need to do, is to your profile updated with uninteresting stuff, so your profile looks natural and starts getting followers automatically.

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