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Nasıl Ubuntu bir TeamSpeak sunucu kurmak için 16.04

TeamSpeak is a free and very popular voice communications application for real-time voice chat over the internet. TeamSpeak uses a very low amount of bandwidth and it is mostly used by gamers that are chatting with each other while playing a game, to avoid latency

How to Monitor Linux Servers using CloudStats

How to Monitor Linux Servers using CloudStats CloudStats is a server monitoring platform which allows you to easily not only monitor your whole server infrastructure but also to act immediately and resolve issues. CloudStats monitoring tool does not require any special skills or knowledge to perform

502 Hatalı ağ geçidi hata çözümleri

502 RFC'de tanımlanmış bir HTTP durum kodu hatalı ağ geçidi olduğunu 7231 hata sunucu tarafından bir bağlantı girişimi sırasında atılır gibi yani bir sunucu sorunu açıklar. , 502 (Ağ Geçidi) durum kodu gösterir sunucu, bir ağ geçidi veya proxy gibi davranırken,…

Bir Ubuntu VPS aldıktan sonra ilk adımlar

Yeni Ubuntu VPS var mı? Mükemmel. Şimdi başlamak istimal o ve bir Linux VPS tüm avantajlarını deneyim. Eğer üzerinden hareket için bir VPS hosting paylaşılan, daha iyi, Şimdi doğrudan barındırma paylaşılan deneyiminizi karşılaştırabilirsiniz ve…

Nasıl CentOS üzerinde Webmin yüklemek için 7

Webmin bir web tabanlı Linux-tabanlı sunucular için sistem yönetim arabirimidir. En popüler açık kaynak kontrol panelleri barındırma biridir. Bu eğitimde, CentOS çalışan bir Linux VPS üzerinde Webmin yüklemek nasıl size göstermek için gidiyoruz 7 gibi bir…

PhpMyAdmin Install Ubuntu üzerinde 16.04

phpMyAdmin is one of the most popular and widely used web-based database management tools. It a free and open source PHP application that allows the users to manage single or multiple SQL database servers locally or on a remote server using a web browser (GUI).

Secure your SSH using two-factor authentication on Ubuntu 16.04

Bu eğitimde, we will describe the necessary steps to configure two-factor authentication (2FA) using Google authenticator on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. This application includes implementations of one-time passcode generators for several mobile platforms. This method adds another layer of protection to your server

Nasıl bir Linux sunucu üzerinde Amazon AWS kurulum

How to setup a Linux server on Amazon AWS AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one of the leading cloud server providers worldwide. AWS platformu kullanarak bir dakika içinde bir sunucu kurulum. AWS üzerinde, you can fine tune many techncal details of your server

6 Basic Network Commands in Linux

This Linux tutorial covers some basic network commands which can be useful when troubleshooting networking problems with other servers both within the network and across the Internet, obtaining more information about other servers. 1. The ping command sends ICMP echo requests to the server

How to secure your LEMP stack

LEMP, it stands for Linux, (EngineX) NGINX, MariaDB (or MySQL) and PHP. Due to its flexibility and simplicity, NGINX slowly takes over the Internet. Bu eğitimde, we will attempt, through examples of bad and good practices, to go through the steps of properly

How to change the hostname on CentOS and Ubuntu

The hostname is used to identify the server when connected on a network and it is configured during the initial server setup. Changing the initial server hostname is a task that you might like to perform while you are using the server and in

Install Redmine 3 CentOS üzerinde 7 with Nginx as web server

Redmine is a web application for project management, written entirely using Ruby on Rails, and released under the terms of GPLv2. Some of its features include: Multiple projects support. Flexible issue tracking system. Belgeler, Haberler, and files management. Per project wiki. Per project forums. SCM

How to Install Elastic Stack on CentOS 7

How to Install Elastic Stack on CentOS 7 Elasticsearch is an open source search engine based on Lucene, developed in Java. It provides a distributed and multitenant full-text search engine with an HTTP Dashboard web-interface (Kibana). The data is queried, retrieved and stored with a JSON