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Nasıl kurulur Linux takas dosyası

Swap is an essential part of Linux, and how it manages programs. Bununla, Linux users can suspend to RAM, and even allocate extra memory for programs to use when physical RAM runs out. Söylemek yeterli, everyone should use swap. On traditional Linux distributions,

Programları Windows yanıt vermiyor 10/8/7

  Zaman zaman, you may have seen a message that some program had stopped responding on your Windows computer. The reasons for such Programs not responding or Program has stopped working or responding message could be many and there the troubleshooting options different too. Yaptık…

Odoo hızlandırmak için

  Odoo en popüler ERP (Kurumsal Kaynak Planlaması) yazılımdır, Python ve kullanımları PostgreSQL veritabanı arka uç yazılı. The Odoo community edition is a free and open source software which includes project management, üretim, muhasebe, billing and sales management, Ambar yönetimi, human resources and

ZenFone AR: 8GB RAM dünyanın ilk akıllı telefon

CES 2017 – ASUS unveiled the ZenFone ARthe world’s first smartphone that is both Tango-enabled and Daydream-ready. The ZenFone AR was developed in close cooperation with Google to deliver the best Tango and Daydream experiences. ZenFone AR is also the world’s first Tango-enabled device

Gözden geçirme: Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming

The ultimate Intel consumer platform remains the X99. Home now to the deca-core 6950X and recently updated through a minor refresh, the X99 chipset is where manufacturers throw in the bells, whistles and kitchen sink. It kind of makes sense in this environment, çok, as a