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Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4041676

  Microsoft today rolled out cumulative update KB4041676 for Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703). While we’re just a week away from the public release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17th, everything else is getting patches, çok. This update comes as part of

Microsoft lets Cortana reply to your Skype messages

  AI voice assistant finds answers to your questions, and recommends restaurants Skype users will now be able to rely on Cortana to help them finish off sentences and find information for people they are chatting to. Microsoft has unveiled the new feature for its VoIP

Microsoft Launcher Android-özellikler & Download

  Joe Belfiore ile Windows Phone platformu kesilmesi hakkında Twitter Duyurular yapmak, Microsoft zaten piyasadaki diğer mobil işletim sistemleri doğru ilerlemiştir. Microsoft apps Google oyun mağaza ve IOS App Store için bastırıyor. Microsoft son duyurular içerir…

Gözden geçirme: Microsoft Surface Pro (2017)

There was no shortage of question marks when Microsoft announced plans to launch its own line of Surface PCs, Ama nereye bağlı olduğunu kredi, in the space of five years, Surface has become a benchmark for others in the industry. Surface Laptop is widely regarded as

Microsoft kenar ve Cortana ile para kazanmak nasıl

Windows Cortana ses asistanı 10 soru sormak sağlar, sorunu komutları, ve bir parmak dokunun veya sesini ile görevlerini yerine getirmek. Ama Cortana onun kurtarıcı bir numara daha var., bir para kazanmak için tasarlanmış. When you use the Microsoft

Microsoft Pix IOS güncelleme daha AI Smarts ile

Microsoft’s Pix camera app for iOS has been updated to automatically detect whiteboards, belgeler, and business cards in real time. “Microsoft Pix is pushing the boundaries of image understanding, using AI to take better pictures of everything from a snapshot of your kid in new sneakers