deepin 15.4 Released, With Download Link & Mirrors

deepin 15.4 GNU/Linux operating system has been released at April 19th 2017. I list here one official download link and two faster mirrors from Sourceforge. I listed here the Mega and Google... Read more »

How to Migrate Your WordPress Site to HTTPS

There are numerous tutorials out there showing you how to migrate, but I’ve made this as it’s become a lot easier. Install SSL Certificate There are many alternatives here. This will depending... Read more »

Install United GNOME Theme On Ubuntu

Install United GNOME Theme. United GNOME Theme is based on a Ubuntu 18.04 design concept Flat-Plat as a base. Made on and for GNOME 3.24 (Ubuntu), tested and works fine on 3.22... Read more »

How To Install Desktop Client on Ubuntu

If you are a blogger, and using Ubuntu, Automattic made the desktop client for GNU/Linux for you. If this sounds new for you, this so-called desktop client is similar with Thunderbird... Read more »

A Short KDE Plasma 5.9 Review in February 2017

KDE Plasma 5.9 desktop environment has been released at 31 January 2017. This short review brings you short introductions about the new features in this release. The most interesting highlights are global... Read more »

Download Links & Torrents for Linux Mint 18.1 LTS Serena All Editions

This list shows download links for all four editions of Linux Mint 18.1 "Serena" GNU/Linux operating system. Linux Mint Serena is a LTS version that will be supported until 2021. This list... Read more »

Install WeatherDesk App That Changes Wallpaper Based On Weather

WeatherDesk app changes the wallpaper based on the weather and the time. Install WeatherDesk on Ubuntu Linux Systems. The app changes the background based on the current weather conditions which depends on... Read more »

How To Install GNU Ring in Ubuntu (The Free Replacement for Skype)

GNU Ring ( is a free as in freedom and open source replacement for any of Skype-like internet communication platforms. Ring is a voice and video call program, chatting, and in the... Read more »

List of PPA Repositories for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus

This article is for 16.04, if you are looking for 16.10, it's here. This article provides a list of many popular applications PPAs for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus. It provides PPA... Read more »

List of PPA Repositories for Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak

This article provides a list of many popular applications PPAs for Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak. It provides PPA addresses for LibreOffice, GIMP, Inkscape, SimpleScreenRecorder, and some more applications (I listed only free... Read more »

Darktable 2.2 Released; How To Install The Latest Darktable On Ubuntu

How to install the latest Darktable 2.2 in Ubuntu 16.10 and Ubuntu 16.04. Terminal commands to install Darktable 2.2 in Ubuntu Linux Systems. The latest release of Darktable brings a new automatic... Read more »

5 basic cURL command examples

  cURL is very useful command line tool to transfer data from or to a server. cURL supports various protocols like FILE, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, LDAP, DICT, LDAPS, TELNET, FTP, FTPS,... Read more »

Updated: 21 best VR games: best virtual reality games for PC and mobile

Introduction Picking the best VR games at the moment is tough. Sure, there are loads of titles to choose from on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that may even make their... Read more »

LibreOffice Command Line: Convert Multiple Files DOCX to PDF

DOCX is Microsoft Word OOXML document format. This command line showing how to convert multiple DOCX into PDF. This article is intended for everyone to be able to convert Microsoft Word into... Read more »

How to Install Drupal 8.1 with Nginx, PHP-FPM and SSL on Ubuntu 16.04

How to Install Drupal 8.1 with Nginx, PHP-FPM and SSL on Ubuntu 16.04 Drupal is a well-known open source content management system based on PHP. It is available free of charge and... Read more »

Internal Server Error 500 When Downloading Content – Configuration Manager Client

Have you got Configuration Manager clients returning Internal Server Error 500 when trying to download content? This is the post for you. When I first came across this error I spent a... Read more »

Firefox 49: HTTP passwords on HTTPS sites

Mozilla plans to launch an update for the built-in password manager in Firefox that will make HTTP passwords work on HTTPS sites as well. If you use the built-in functionality to save... Read more »

Securely Download Files using Https from Nginx Docker Containers

As system administrators, we have situations where we need to download large files such as backup files, database backups, emails, log files etc securely between our servers. Usually we use SFTP, SSH... Read more »

How To Move From HTTP To HTTPS In WordPress Using Free SSL With Let’s Encrypt

It is a known fact that moving to HTTPS has its own advantages mostly in terms of security, privacy and search engine ranking boost. There is a huge spike in the graph... Read more »

You better disable update checks in KeePass 2

A security vulnerability in the popular password manager KeePass 2 was disclosed recently affecting all versions of the password manager but only if automatic update checks are enabled. KeePass 2 ships with an... Read more »