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Firefox ve Chrome için YouTube artı

YouTube Plus is a free add-on for the Firefox and Google Chrome web browser that provides you with dozens of configuration options to improve your YouTube experience. Ayrıca, it is also available as a userscript for you to install in other web browsers that support these

Firefox 49: set default HTML5 video volume

Mozilla has added a new feature to Firefox 49 -- currently available if you run Firefox Nightly -- that allows you to set a default HTML5 video volume in the browser. While it is usually possible to change the volume of audio or video content using

How To Disable Pocket In Firefox 38 And Above

Firefox has lately been integrating other services in the browser. For a while it was just its own data syncing service and then the Hello feature that was introduced later on but Mozilla isn’t content with just developing and integrating its own products. As of Firefox

How to install Google Chrome extensions in Firefox

The following guide walks you through the steps of installing Google Chrome extensions in Firefox. Mozilla is currently working on implementing WebExtensions support in the Firefox web browser which will make the browser compatible with many of the extensions offered for Google Chrome and Chrome compatible

Download Tails Linux 2.0 ISO CD/DVD

Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) version 2.0 have be serbest bırakmak. It is a Debian-based security-focused Linux distribution, and it is designed to increase privacy and anonymity online. This release fixes many security issues, and users should upgrade as soon as possible. What is so special

Final Beta of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Available for Download

The final beta of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, codenamed “Xenial Xerus”, has been released today! The beta release features images for not only the Ubuntu Desktop, Sunucu, Cloud, and Core products, but also the Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Mythbuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu DOSTUM, Ubuntu Studio, and Xubuntu

Ubuntu 16.04 Flavors Make Second Beta Available to Download

The second beta releases of Ubuntu 16.04 flavors have diligently made themselves available for download. Şimdi, first things first: the change-logs for a few of these spins is …modest. Both Lubuntu and Xubuntu 16.04, the two lightweight Ubuntu spins, ship the benefits of Core Ubuntu 16.04 (new kernel,

Netrunner inceleme 2016.1

IntroductionThere Netrunner mevcut iki sürümü vardır, Kubuntu üzerinde dayalı olan standart sürüme kendisini Debian ve bugün gözden bir Manjaro sırayla kemer dayanmaktadır dayanmaktadır dayanmaktadır. Netrunner Web sitesi var bir…

Solus inceleme 1.1

IntroductionI bir kez gözden SolusOS adı verilen başka bir Linux dağıtımı geri 2013. Dağıtımı Debian dayalı ve GNOME kullanılan 2 masaüstü ortamı. Olarak birçok daha küçük dağıtımı ile bu söz bir sürü gösterdi ama sonuçta tekrar görülecek asla kayboldu. Artık…

How To Install Zotero Connector in Chromium Browser

Aslında, Zotero has full support in Mozilla Firefox. In Chromium browser (and Google Chrome), it has only Zotero Connector. Zotero Connector for Chromium is an extension to work with Zotero Stand Alone (or with the cloud Zotero server). It has no Zotero user interface like the

Firefox ve Chrome Servisi çalışanları yönetmek

Chrome and Firefox provide users with options to manage registered Service Workers in the browser, including options to remove Service Workers from the browser. Service Workers are an up and coming feature supported by most modern browsers that enable sites and services to interact with the