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Apple T310 ARM chip to handle low-power mode for MacBook

According to a report published by Bloomberg, Apple is designing an ARM-based processor that will handle some of its MacBook's low-power mode functionality. The processors, codenamed T310, will thus take over some of the processing which the machine's Intel CPU would have previously been taxed with.

Hayır, Apple Isn't Working on a Vape

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published an Apple patent application for a "sublimator/vaporizer" invention, leading to sensational headlines suggesting Apple might release a vape or enter the vaping industry. In actuality—and this could go without saying—the invention is completely unrelated. The patent instead

Apple takes patent battle with Qualcomm to China

Apple has filed two new lawsuits against Qualcomm, this time in China, that allege the mobile chip maker abused its market dominance and patents to charge excessively high licensing fees. Apple is seeking 1 billion yuan ($145 million) in damages from Qualcomm, according to Beijing’s intellectual

Apple to build 200MW solar farm to power data center

Apple announced today a joint venture with Nevada Energy (NV Energy) to build out 200MW of photovoltaic solar capacity to power its data center in Reno, Nevada. The solar farm is expected to be live by early 2019. Apple’s data center is located at the Reno

Next iPhone Said to Have Even Better IP68-Rated Water Resistance

Next iPhone Said to Have Even Better IP68-Rated Water Resistance Apple's next-generation iPhone will feature IP68-rated water resistance, which would be an improvement over the IP67-certified iPhone 7 ve iPhone 7 Artı, according to The Korea Herald. Samsung's Galaxy S7 is IP68 certified, and the Galaxy

OWC Aralık eklemek-üstünde MacBook Pro için Önizleme

CES, Mac accessory and upgrade supplier Other World Computing (OWC) showcased prototypes of an upcoming add-on for Apple's latest MacBook Pro models. OWC DEC birçok yönden USB varolan onların doğrultusunda benzer olduğunu ve Thunderbolt Dock cihazları, with one big difference: the DEC