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Erken Güncelleme Xeon D Intel 2018, Skylake SP Çekirdek ile

Skylake-SP çekirdeği kullanarak Intel'in yeni Xeon Ölçeklenebilir Platformu ‘ivme’ üzerine bir slayt ilginç alt duyurular biri Intel'in EPYC kriter numaralarının çıkıp oldu. ‘110+ performans dünya rekorları’ ve ‘200 OEM sistemleri nakliye’ ihbarı yanında bir yan not oldu…

Latest Microsoft Photos app update also hides Remix 3D support

We posted this morning about a big update coming to the Microsoft Photos app, with most of the biggest features hidden. Recap için, the public feature update includes: Premium content only available to Office 365 kullanıcılar, including Themes, Music and Special Effects. Story Enhancements A switch

Surface Studio updated to improve Mixed Reality support

Microsoft has released new driver updates to the Surface Studio this week. There’s nothing especially new here, the firm’s updates are to drivers that are necessary for Windows Mixed Reality. Ancak, as Neowin correctly notes, these were already updated previously in an October update that coincided

Microsoft launches new Azure Location Based Services

Microsoft last night announced new Azure Location Based Services that will allow you to add maps, Arama, routing, and traffic capabilities to your apps with geospatial services APIs that integrate seamlessly with other Azure tools and services. These new services will be available in early December.

NCIX Files for Bankruptcy After Restructuring Attempts

NCIX filed for bankruptcy last Friday after closing down its last walk-in retail store. The exact reasons why the company had run out of money are not disclosed officially, but chatter indicates that NCIX spent too much on retail stores and too little on improving the

Google brings Core ML support to TensorFlow Lite

Google today released a tool that converts Apple’s Core ML .mlmodel file format into .tflite for use with TensorFlow Lite, a version of Google’s open source program for the training and implementation of AI models. The converter was made in collaboration with Apple, göre bir…