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How To Search Google from the Command Line

Ever had a hankering to search Google from the command line? If so, you’re going to love this nifty terminal tool. It’s called Googler and, as you can probably guess, it’s a small command-line utility which lets you search Google from the

How To Back Up Clipboard Text On iOS

The system clipboard on all platforms can save only one item at once. When you copy something to your clipboard, the previous content is overwritten and there is no way to retrieve it. On desktops, this limitation is easy to overcome. Orada…

Avidemux Video Editor Reached 2.7.0 Yayın

The Avidemux video editor has reached the new version series 2.7.0 Bugün erken saatlerde yayın. The official website wrote in the announcement: “On windows, some antivirus do not like recent versions, it is a false positive. There is no

7 Ubuntu için en iyi simge temaların

On a hunt to find the best icon themes for Ubuntu? Well, you’ve come to the right post place! In this post we will show you some of the best icon themes for Ubuntu, ranging from modern, flat icon sets, to a circular icon pack carrying a

Krita 3.2.0 Çıkış! Nasıl Ubuntu yüklemek

Krita ulaşmıştır dijital boya yazılımı 3.2.0 Yayın bir gün önce çok sayıda hata düzeltmeleri ve bazı çok serin yeni özellikler. İşte nasıl sen-ebilmek install Krita 3.2 içinde Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 17.10. ve türevleri.…