Ay: Mart 2017

How To Clear The Twitter App Cache In iOS

Twitter has just introduced a new feature in its iOS app; clear cache. A cache is something we normally associate with web browsers or at times with our desktop OS. Not many users think of smartphone apps when they hear the word ‘cache’ but apps do

How To Get Google Assistant On Your Android Phone

Personal assistants are an increasingly popular feature on smartphones. Siri was the first personal, voice activated, assistant introduced on a smartphone. O zamandan beri, smartphones and desktops alike have updated to include a personal assistant feature. macOS has Siri and Windows has Cortana. It’s now a matter

How To Block Shut Down And Restart On Windows 10

Windows 10 has an update problem; it releases problematic updates and there is no way to opt-out of them. The only thing users can do is defer installing an update. The second Windows 10 sees its chance, it will install the update and restart your system

CoreFreq CPU izleme yazılımını Linux kullanmayı

Son zamanlarda CoreFreq denilen mükemmel bir yazılım karşıdan karşıya geldi. Bir CPU mimarileri Intel Atom w / 64-bit işlemciler için tasarlanmış yazılım izleme olduğunu, Core2, Nehalem, SandyBridge ve üstün, ve AMD aile 0F. Üzerinde çalıştığı 64 bit Linux sistemi. CoreFreq provides a framework to retrieve CPU