Ay: Kasım 2016

Final Fantasy 15 bir daha gözden geçirme

Final Fantasy has always been at its best in its more personal moments. Apocalyptic meteors, time-travelling sorceresses and fishy floating physical manifestations of your sins are all well and good, but they mean little if the story doesn't give you something a bit closer to home

Here’s How Google Can Be Used From Linux Terminal

Linux, which has evolved into one of the most reliable secure, and worry-free operating systems. From smartphones to cars, supercomputers and home appliances, the Linux operating system is everywhere now. Most of the Linux users revolve around the command line from listing contents of a directory,

How To Install Cinnamon 3.2 Ubuntu masaüstü ortamı 16.10

Tarçın 3.2 serbest bırakmak. Here’s how to install Cinnamon 3.2 Ubuntu masaüstü ortamı 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04 ve türevleri. Tarçın 3.2 is released with QT 5.7+ and support for libinput touchpads as well as synaptics. Tarçın 3.2 brings the ability to peek at desktop, to upload system

CentOS üzerinde Froxlor yüklemek 7

Bu makalede, we will install Froxlor on a CentOS 7 VPS. Çok kullanıcılı veya paylaşılan sunucuları yönetmek için kullanılan bir hafif kontrol paneli Froxlor olduğunu. Froxlor ile etki alanı adları yönetme, FTP hesapları, e-posta hesapları, support tickets and customers that are