Top 3 Best Free AntiVirus for Windows 10 in 2015

The number of cyber-attacks in recent years has greatly increased and even big names are not safe. Take for example the Sony hacking spree that took place recently. Cyber-attacks are not the only thing people worry about, the intrusion of privacy is also a big concern for many and after the revelations about the NSA spying programs many people started taking active steps for their protection. Most of these cyber attacks are in the form of a virus or malware software that people install on their PCs.  What usually the hacking, virus and malware programs do is that they steal user’s personal information without their consent. Now, in order to protect themselves from such hackers or information stealers, they must have some sort of antivirus protection install on their systems. Currently, there are a lot of free antivirus programs available for Windows. But as the world is now moving in 2015, such attacks or hacking attempts have also become advanced, bypassing Windows security measures. It is highly recommended to have a powerful and most secure Anti virus software on your computer Operating System including upcoming Windows 10. Here we list out the top 3 Best and Free Antivirus for Windows 10 in 2015. As usual these free protection software will work on existing Windows 8 and 8.1 too. 

Top 3 Best Free AntiVirus For Windows 10 in 2015 – You Should Consider

1) Avast 2015 Free Antivirus

It’s not difficult to see why this is the best free Antivirus program available right now for Windows. It’s incredibly easy to install, simple UI and lightning fast virus scans makes it a perfect choice for everyone.

The best part is that it uses minimal system resources meaning it won’t bog down user’s PC, a major reason why people with old PCs depend on Avast for their virus protection needs. It includes an update menu from where the latest updates can easily be downloaded and a built in firewall to further improve protection from cyber-attacks. Click here to Download Avast 2015, one of the best and free antivirus for Windows 10 in year of 2015.

avast-premier-free antivirus 2015 for Windows 10

2) Avira 2015 Free Antivirus

Next up in the list of best free antivirus programs for Windows available in 2015 is Avira Antivirus. It has the best virus detection capabilities. A quick scan will be able to detect and deal with most viruses infecting a user’s system whereas a deep scan will purge every piece of malware lurking in the depths of hard drive.

Like Avast, Avira includes a built in firewall protection but also has a bonus. It has a child monitoring service which allows you to monitor what your children do on social networking sites automatically flagging friends who appear to be adults and identify possible profanity, drug or alcohol references or depression-warning signs. There is however one downside to Avira, if you have a PC with less than stellar specs it will slow down during scanning.  Click here to download Avira 2015 for free.

avira 2015

3) AVG 2015 Free Antivirus

AVG antivirus is a heavy hitter against malware but that is mostly true for the paid version. The free version is no slouch either; it’s enough for most of our malware removal needs thanks to its superb virus detection engine. It’s UI however rather clunky that some users might have difficulty navigating around. It’s best suitable for people who have better understanding of how Antivirus programs work. Download AVG Free antivirus for Windows 10 here.

free avg antivirus for Windows 10All three Antivirus programs are awesome at what they are designed and that is removing malware and with them being available for free it would be foolish not to install one. Whether you want a program with a low footprint or a heavy hitter that can detect the most well hidden malware or one that can do both, my list has you covered.

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