Top 10 Google AdSense Earners around the World 2014

There was a time when no one was familiar with Google’s AdSense program, but today almost everyone knows about it or at least heard of it from somewhere. Everyone seems to be curious about getting approved for AdSense and earning through AdSense is like a dream for all the new bloggers and website owners as it helps them to generate good amount of money through ads of different formats. But most of us are afraid of different news about AdSense’s strict policies and this makes us a bit discouraged and worried about earning through AdSense. It is true that Google has made so many changes in its AdSense policies as compared to the old policies about 10 years ago. Everyone is worried from getting banned and pays too much attention to avoid such circumstances. Even sometimes many of us give up this quest that they can earn through AdSense. So to highlight some of the top 10 AdSense earners, we gathered all the necessary data to let you select your idol in your niche and after reading this post you’d work with more dedication and devotion and who knows by the next year your name would be in our listings.


People are working online for so many years now and every year had proved lucky for someone to obtain the top position in certain fields. You will see the same scenario in this article as you will find how faces changes and people become the number one, two or three in the top ten charts. The list will be in ascending order so that you can hold your breath to reach the number one Adsense earner in 2014.

Top#10. Pankaj Agarwal:


Started with an idea of buying and selling different tangible and intangible products in 2003, Pankaj Agarwal of ClickIndia is on number 10 with the monthly earnings of $58000. You can post your ads here and get the buyer or find a seller of any particular product like cars, house, laptop, smart phones, and you can post a matrimonial here for free. This website is ranked on 4503 position in Alexa Ranking. According to Alexa, about 230,000 unique visitors visit this website daily and watch 1,890,000 pages here on this website on daily basis. Pankaj was on the same rank in Top Ten AdSense Earners list in previous year 2013 and still has retained this position.

Top#9. Jeremy Shoemaker:


However Jeremy went on number 9 from number 8 in this list, but still this man is awesome with his blog (Shoemoney) about how can you pay your bills and so much different ideas to generate residual income online. The blog was established by him in 2003 and he’s earning about $122,000 per month from AdSense. His blog is on 16,980 and about 132,000 unique visitors come to his website and read about 2,729,000 pages on daily basis.

Top#8. Amit Agarwal:


The guy who runs is on number 8 in Top Ten AdSense earners list this year and jumped from the previous position of number 9 as of last year. Amit shares his knowledge about technology on his website and earns about $140,500 per month. This website is ranked on 6,253,616 on Alexa and 510,000 unique visitors visit the site with page views of 4,311,000. He started his website in 2007 and running it successfully.

Top#7. Perez Hilton:


Perez started his website back in 2005 and attracted many people to his notorious but interesting columns and articles on celebrities and other social gossips. He has retained the 7th position in Top Ten AdSense Earners for several years now and earning about $195,000 per month out of his website. Alexa ranked his website on number 1035 and according to Alexa about 1,110,000 unique visitors come to his website and watch about 10,121,000 pages on daily basis.

Top#6. Michael Arrington:


Michael of Tech Crunch, created this website back in 2011 and since then sharing technology news, tips and other relevant information on his website. He is earning about $282,700 per month from his AdSense account only. The website is ranked on number 414 in Alexa rankings with daily unique visitors of 2,894,000 and 18,541,000 daily page views.

Top#5. Markus Frind:


With the idea of online dating site, Markus started his website (POF) in 2000 and since then helping different people to meet their life partner online. He earns an amount of $368,000 per month and is on number 358 on Alexa. According to Alexa, this website has 3,552,000 daily unique visitors and 29,159,000 daily page view around the world.

Top#4. Shawn Hogan:


You have visited the online form Digital Point, and you may have known the owner and creator of this form Shawn who started this website back in 1999 and since then successfully helping out different people with so many unique queries regarding online SEO, Blogging, Coding and other problems so that they can get their answers from experts of that particular field. Shawn is earning about $480,000 per month and this forum is ranked on Alexa on number 820 with daily unique visitors about 3,890,000 and 27,320,000 daily page views. Note that this guy was on number 3 in previous list of Top Ten AdSense Earners.

Top#3. Kevin Rose:


Like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus, Digg is another most visited site in the world where people find new trends on different topics, contents and blogs. The man behind the idea is Kevin Rose who started this website back in 2000. He is making about $522,000 from AdSense every month and jumped from number 5 to number 3 this year in this list. Alexa ranked this website on number 482 and 4,790,000 daily visitors visit the site. According to Alexa 30,289,000 pages are being viewed by different people around the world in Digg.

Top#2. Pete Cashmore:


You have visited Mashable which is very famous website with tons of article on Technology, Business, Lifestyle and world. Pete Cashmore is the owner of Mashable who started this website back in 2005 and still running it successfully. He earns about $560,000 per month from his website and the site is ranked on 202 on Alexa with daily unique visitors about 5,380,000. This website has 32,250,000 daily page views according to Alexa.

Top#1. Courtney Rose:


And finally the number one earner of AdSense in the world by the year 2014 is Courtney Rose who runs the website (eHow). She earns $675,000 per month by writing on different kind of How-To articles to help out everyone through her team of finest writers. She started the website back in 1999 and still running it successfully. The website is ranked on number 279 in Alexa ranking and has 4,770,000 daily visitors around the world with 42,520,000 page views on daily basis.

“I hope this list would motivate you to do more hard work on your website and reach in any position in the list of Top Ten AdSense Earners by the next year. Do share your success stories with us about your blogging journey in comments section below.”

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