Top 10 Alternatives to BuySellAds

When you are working online then you should not rely on only one thing, instead, you should get some reliable alternative that can be used as a plan B when needed. If you are working without a plan B then you should think again because cyber world is not trustable and there is a chance to get some unpleasant news. Suppose, one day you wake up and you are in a pleasant mood, you just opened your computer to check your mails and… you just see an email containing a message that your application has been rejected for membership vice versa. What would be your reaction?

Same thing applies where when you are about to submit an application to BuySellAds or maybe you have submitted an application already. What if they rejected your application? What if you don’t have any alternative of it? Have you ever think about it? Well if not, then this is the time for you to think again. Keep reading the post to get an idea about “Top 10 Alternatives to BuySellAds”

10. Adsella:

The very first site that helps you generate profit by showing banner ads on your site is Adsella that is on 10th spot of our list. This website has got an Alexa ranking of about 321,342 and is having a #3 page rank. It takes around 20% from what you earn through this platform and gives you the opportunity to earn in the same way as you were earning/ may earn on BuySellAds. It supports PayPal to send you the money you earned over it.

9. Puxee:

The next platform that works on the same plan as BuySellAds does is Puxee. The website has an Alexa ranking of around 82,516 and is having a page rank of number 3. If you choose this platform to work then you would be sharing the profit on 75/25% means greater will go into your pocket and smaller portion will be theirs. Again, this website supports PayPal for clearing payments.

8. Project Wonderful:

Project Wonderful: as the name says it all. This website has really fascinating and attractive options for its publishers. You have the liberty to set your own price. It has a page rank of number 5 and Alexa ranking of around 13,406. Decide what you will charge for click and display rate etc. It takes 25% commission and supports PayPal for clearing payments.

7. Koomona:

The next program in our list that is listed on 7th spot is Koomona. This ad network helps you in many ways like you can monetize your content by showing direct ads from advertisers you found on Koomona. But if you may not get an advertiser, then Koomona allows you to show their own CPM ads under unsold advertising option. It supports PayPal and bank wire for payment issues.

6. CPM Star:

CPM Star is another alternative to BuySellAds and has so many options for its publishers. It works all most in the same way as BuySellAds does and let you monetize your content on comparatively low conditions as BuySellAds does. It uses PayPal to manage payment issues and if you are not able to use PayPal or for any reason, don’t want to use it then you can use bank wire option to get your money.

5. Advertise Space:

The program that is listed here on 6th spot here in this list is Advertise Space, which is very easy to join, use and make money as compare to BuySellAds. It has too low requirements for any publisher that encourages so many people to join this ad network. It has #5 page rank and Alexa rank of around 58,999. It supports PayPal to clear payments.

4. Google Adsense

Adsense is actually a PPC (Pay per click) ad network which is the best among its competitors, and it’s also considered the best alternative of BuySellads because of its earning potential, the more traffic and great content you have, the more you can earn via Google Adsense in very short time. The special thing in Adsense is that it has great support for publishers and supports many payment modes such as Western Union (the Best), Check and E-transfer.

3. CrankyAds:

CrankyAds works a bit different and with some advantages for you. Basically it is a WordPress plug-in that helps exchange traffic among different blogs and this thing helps advertisers to buy ad space directly from your blog/website so that you can earn 100% profit in this way and if ads are being purchased through CrankyAds’ marketplace, then you will have to share the profit on 75/25 ratio. It uses PayPal to manage its payment issues.

2. BlogAds:

This website that is on 2nd spot of our list is working since 2002 and has been executing all its plans quite smoothly till now. It works in the same way as BuySellAds and charges you around 30% commission from your earnings. It has three options to get your payments into your bank account and that is PayPal, Check and Wire Transfer.

1. Daybeam:

The last website that is on 1st spot here on this list is none other than Daybeam. The reason for putting it on 1st spot (I found it last ops) is that its share is too small and let you take a big amount of your profit. It only takes around 15% on whatever you earn through it and rest goes into your pocket. This website is a fresh one and still is in its beta version. Quality is everything for this platform so be careful when choosing it. It uses PayPal as its payment mode.

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