Facebook Adds New Tools To Connect Constituents And Their Representatives

Facebook announced Wednesday it is rolling out several tools to the social media site to help elected officials better connect with their constituents and to learn more about them. The “civic engagement” features are called constituent badges, constituent insights and district targeting. The features are additions to the “Town Hall” feature released in March to

Hybrid: cross-platform video converter

Hybrid is a cross-platform video converter frontend for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows that utilizes various tools to convert multimedia files. There are plenty of tools out there that you may use to convert video files. We have reviewed a bunch of them over the years including THandbrake, using VLC, MeGUI, Handbrake, or Super

13 New Social Media Tools for 2017

Social media platforms and tools change quickly. Here is a list of new social media tools to try in 2017. There are tools to generate and curate content, launch and measure campaigns, and connect with experts and customers. Most of the tools are free or have free plans. Snaplytics Snaplytics. If you are interested in

MediCat DVD: bootable toolkit with Windows 10 WinPE

MediCat DVD is a bootable troubleshooting environment that ships with Linux and Windows boot environments, and troubleshooting tools. The author of MediCat DVD designed the bootable toolkit as an unofficial successor to the popular Hiren’s Boot CD boot environment. Hiren’s Boot Cd has last been updated in 2012, and while it works in many cases,

Check If Your PC Is VR Ready Using These Free Tools

  Virtual reality or VR is the next big thing. For those who are wondering new to VR, it’s nothing but a technology that use software to produce realistic images and videos that create a real environment to make you feel like you’re really there. The virtual reality technology has advanced quite a lot over

Top 12 Best Hacking Software For Windows Users

Hacking tool, which is a computer program or software and helps a hacker to hack a computer system or a computer program. Most of the people use ‘Linux’ for hacking as it is the best open source operating system. But what about windows users? Are you using windows and are searching for the hacking tools?

Facebook In China: Company Reportedly Working On Censorship Tools For Country

Facebook, it seems, is anxious to enter untapped markets. One big market that has closed off access to Facebook since 2009 is China, which, with its 1.3 billion population, holds immense ad revenue potential for the company. But it turns out that Facebook might be giving in to China’s strict censorship laws to gain access

NeoFetch — See System Information from the Command Line on Linux

Terminal-based system information tools are unashamedly geeky — and yet undoubtedly useful, too. ‘…unashamedly geeky — and yet undoubtedly useful’ With the tap of a quick command you can “fetch” all sorts of information about your system, from what kernel you’re running to what icon pack you’re currently using. While not to everyone’s tastes, such

Take the VisionMobile State of the Developer Nation Survey and enter to win an Apple Watch!

We’re proud to be supporting the State of the Developer Nation Survey run by our friends at VisionMobile! This is the 12th developer survey, focusing on a 360 view of developer tools, skills and salaries. The survey features questions on topics like programming languages, platforms, app categories, new technologies, revenue models, IoT verticals – and