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Topp 10 Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Idag, successful web marketing is all about driving up conversion rates. Getting lots of people to visit your website is challenging enough. Even more so is to convert these visitors because, if they don’t convert, then you don’t profit. Conversion rate optimization tools can track features

5 Bästa CDN att snabba upp din hemsida

Om du på allvar vill snabba upp din WordPress webbplats eller någon webbplats, sedan med ett content delivery network eller CDN är kanske det bästa alternativet för dig. Genom att använda CDN tjänster, you ensure that there is no server lag by storing static resources like

RewriteCond and RewriteRule tricks for .htaccess

The Apache web server has a module called “mod_rewrite”. It allows for redirecting and modifying the requested URL. Below are some of the most popular modifications and redirects that can be executed. Put these commands in a “.htaccess” file in the document root of the web

Which Ranking Factors are Important for Mobile Sites?

Five months after Google’s mobile friendly update, it hasn’t quite turned out to be the ‘mobilegeddon’ that some predicted. Emellertid, it has started to make an impact, as some of the data from a new Searchmetrics’ mobile SEO report shows. Till exempel, the percentage of mobile

The Current Status of Google’s Penguin Algorithm

I get a lot of emails saying things like this: "We were hit by Google's Penguin algorithm. We did a thorough link cleanup six months ago and NOTHING has changed." An incredible number of small businesses have been decimated by Penguin. They're trying to recover but

How to Skyrocket Your Traffic Through Schema Markup

Good writers always write for their visitors, not for search engines. Faktiskt, that’s not quite true… At the dawn of SEO, you did have to write for the search engines. The primitive search engines could only evaluate the relevance of your content to the query by

Should You Move Your Local Business Website to HTTPS?

HTTPS is an Internet protocol that makes your website secure by providing an encrypted signal between the site and the user. Vanligtvis, we have always thought that only ecommerce websites needed to be secure or use HTTPS. That has since changed, due to an announcement from

Topp 20 Best Business Podcasts For Growing Your Website

At MonetizePros, we recognise that virtually every successful online entrepreneur shares the hunger to constantly learn and consume new information. Over the past 10 år, podcasts have become a fantastic marketing tool for industry experts to share their knowledge and a way for listeners to gain

The Ultimate List of Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark

All bloggers have a number of websites that they visit every single day. Aside from the obvious ones (like email and Twitter), your favorites might be anything from your blog's publishing calendar, to your online to-do list, to all your favorite social media button generators. Wouldn't it be great if all of those helpful resources

6 tools All SEOs Need to Have

There’s no university degree for SEO. Ännu, you’re expected to know a lot about many different things. This is why it’s so tough to define what a great SEO is. In most professional situations, knowing SEO alone is no longer enough. You also need to have