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4 Local SEO Predictions for 2016

There is never a shortage of articles about predictions for the new year, and the same holds true where SEO is concerned. Here is my list of predictions for 2016 — four in all — that will affect local SEO. Review them and start making plans

20 Killer blogging verktyg för att anpassa innehåll

Getting your blog post images right is crucially important. Studies have found that 93% of the most engaging content shared on Facebook contains images, and that images have an 80% memory retention rate (compared with just 20% for text). Vad är mer, recent eye-tracking studies have shown that internet users

Is Google’s Author Rank Dead or Just Incognito?

Ever since Google killed off Authorship, speculation has abounded. It all began with a quote from Eric Schmidt in his book, about a conceptual system that ties an author with a verified profile to the content they produce. This system, independent from Authorship, was called author

Is Penguin 4.0 coming in March 2016?

In early December, Google announced “With the holidays upon us, it looks like the penguins won’t march until next year.” I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no Tom Hanks, but could this be a clue – the Da Google Code?

Understanding Common HTTP Status Codes

When you surf the World Wide Web, a lot of things happen at the same time. When you visit a URL, a lot of code is getting executed and rendered; information is going up and down from the servers to the clients, och vice versa. When

Hur man gör pengar Online med ingen SEO

It’s a mistake to think you can’t make money online just because you don’t know the ins and outs of how to make a website or ranking sites for search engines. With a little effort and the right focus, you can test your own site idea

Lokala SEO: 9 Sätt att dra nytta av ”nära mig” Sök

Google searches that include terms like “near me” or “nearby” have doubled since 2014, med 80 percent coming from mobile, according to a Google Trends report. On-the-go mobile consumers want local information fast, and they reward businesses that provide it with in-store visits and sales — four

Mobile SEO: How to Ensure Your Site is Mobile-friendly

Google says there are now more searches using mobile devices than on desktops, including laptops. And last April, with its “Mobilegeddon” deadline, Google forced us to ensure that our websites were mobile-friendly. We know our website needs to adapt to a mobile environment, but how do