IOS 11 önskelista: Apple TV Express


Apple TV Express kan ansluta, slå på och få allt från din iPhone, iPad eller Mac till din TV.

Nintendo Switch lets you game like a console in your living room, then pick up and take your gaming on the go. Instead of an Apple TV — or NES! — box, it’s more like an iPad that can dock to your TV for room-filling fun. Google’s Chromecast achieves something similar but in an entirely different way: through a dongle rather than a dock. There’s a lot to recommend Apple TV‘s dedicated device approach, including separate local storage, but what if we could have the best of both?

Earlier this year I was traveling to do training for some of our new writers. In one of the offices, we had two last-generation Apple TVs attached to two big screens on opposite sides of the building. They were used as inexpensive and convenient conduits for AirPlay — Apple’s wireless content beaming system — so we could quickly share what was on our Macs, iPads, and iPhones, with everyone in the room.

When I travel to San Francisco I often stay at a hotel that has previous generation Apple TVs attached to every television set as well. That way, once you’re on the hotel network, you’re just a few steps away from AirPlaying any of your stuff to the big screen in front of you. Rather than having to learn a new channel grid or suffer through yet another terrible set top box experience, you get content that’s yours through an interface you’re already familiar with.

But those are both exceptions. I’d love a rule.

The Play’s the thing

Tycka om CarPlay, which lets your device and content take over the interface of the car — and eliminates the confusion historically associated with everything from upgrades to rentals — AirPlay does much the same anywhere there’s a television. It’s so great that, when I end up in an office or hotel room without an Apple TV, I miss it tremendously. Sure, I could pick up an extra Apple TV box, previous or current generation, and make sure I have it with me at all times, but that feels like overkill. I don’t really need a box, Siri, or apps for that. I simply need AirPlay.

I need it enough that it makes me long for something like Google’s Chromecast dongle — a tiny device that plugs into an HDTV and then simply lets me stream from my iPhone, iPad, or Mac to the big screen. There’s even a new Chromecast Ultra som stöder 4K - vilket kommer att vara bra när fler leverantörer och bättre bandbredd gör det till en verklighet för de flesta.

Apple kunde gå så långt som att bygga en grundläggande Apple TV-upplevelse i iOS 11, där logiken stannar på iPad eller iPhone men gränssnittet och innehållet projekterar på din TV genom den lilla enheten. Det skulle vara som originalet Apple Watch. Det kan möjliggöra en nivå av multitasking och handoff - där strömmar överförs i stället för bara strömmade - men det kan också lägga till överhead och resultera i en mindre än perfekt upplevelse.

If so, the interface and management, such as it is, could stay on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and the video simply stream to the stick — AirPlay Express or Apple TV Express, let’s call it. (Not Apple TV Shuffle!)

It would be great for offices where all that’s wanted is screen mirroring, great for travelers who want the smallest amount of hardware possible in their pockets or luggage — great for anyone who just wants what’s in their hands to be up on their TV. And, like CarPlay, it would make hardware updates less of a concern — every time iOS is updated, Apple TV Express would be updated as well.

Rum längst ner

Apple har Airport Extreme och en billigare flygplats Express. Den nuvarande Apple TV-produkten var tills nyligen nyligen kompletterad i den låga delen av den tidigare Apple TV. Nu när den gamla Apple TV-apparaten är borta, kan det vara ett bra alternativ: Den fulla Apple TV-apparaten för dem som vill ha en dedikerad låda och framtiden för tv i appar och Apple TV Express för dem som helt enkelt vill projekta innehåll på en skärm just nu.

There’s any number of reasons why Apple would never make a TV streaming stick. But every time I think about it, I wish they would.

Vad vill du se?

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