Månad: Januari 2017

Måste-veta saker innan alla affiliateprogram

There are multiple ways to join an affiliate program. You can either use a product’s in-house affiliate program or join using an affiliate marketplace such as ShareASale, Amazon Associates, CJ, or ImpactRadius (to name a few). But users like you & me who join these affiliate

Hur man skriver appar med Swift 3

Vilka är skillnaderna mellan Swift och andra app programmeringsspråk? Och hur kan jag igång att skriva program med Swift 3? Apple introducerade Swift 3, den senaste versionen av sin programmeringsspråk vid sin WWDC 2016 händelse Swift 3 är den första uppdateringen sedan Apple…

Fedora uppgradering – Fungerar detta?

The idea of upgrading your operating system from one version to another is an interesting one. It implies you will be changing your software without changing your hardware. This is true for short-lived operating systems the likes of Fedora, service packs for long-lived distributions like CentOS,