Månad: Kan 2016

Inaktivera kameran på iPhone

How to Disable the Camera on iPhone The camera on iPhone is one of the world’s best smartphone cameras. With its 12-megapixel iSight camera, your iPhone can help you capture the best shot of that special moment or that stunning view. Undeniably, iPhone’s camera is

Aktivera Skärmläsaren i Windows 10

Aktivera Skärmläsaren i Windows 10   Windows 10 has a voice narrator that can be enabled to assist those who are visually impaired. When you enable Narrator in Windows 10, your computer will read aloud all the keys that you press as well as

Best brands for DSLR cameras

Brand preference debates have been going around for as long as anyone can remember. You must have also been sucked into such debates where a particular brand X is countered against brand Y and asked for your opinion on which brand wins. And this has been

5 Unique Alarm Apps

Many people often get late to their classes or work by missing their alarm, thanks to their heavy sleeping. Lyckligtvis, Android offers some unique alarm apps for such people. These apps help in waking up heavy sleepers easily and work efficiently. Since soothing and mild tones

Compositional points in photography

Most of you have often heard of the line – “There are no rules when it comes to photography”. You create your own image according to your preference and move along. Emellertid, there are some important compositional points that are widely followed by avid photographers. Dessa…

Bästa 5 Alternatives To Tinder!

You would have obviously heard of Tinder – the most popular dating app. It has become so popular that it has changed the way traditional dating sites work. Almost everyone who is single uses this app. It is a great, easy and an in-obtrusive way of

Chrome-tillägg som kommer att förbättra din surfning

Du definitivt att älska webbläsaren Google Chrome. Men gör du, vet att det finns något känt som 'Sträckningarna' som hjälper till att göra upplevelsen bättre? I princip, tilläggen är små program som lägger till några extra funktioner till webbläsaren. Du kan välja mellan tusentals anknytningar i den…

10 Android Widgets You Must Use

If you are an Android user, you would know how important Homescreen widgets are. 2016 has arrived and now some more awesome and useful widgets have been introduced. We have compiled a list of some great Android widgets for you. Have a look at them! Android

Hur du ändrar teckenstorleken i Windows 10?

Windows 10 operating system can run on PCs, bärbara datorer, notepads, and even mobile phones. Emellertid, to each device, the operating system possesses a specific font size and it’s not so perfect every time. Lyckligtvis, you can adjust the size of the screen content and you can

Använda Start-menyn som kalkylator i Windows 10

Beräkna är en gemensam åtgärd när ditt arbete med din dator. I Windows 10 operativsystem, Du kan använda verktygsfältet för sökning i Start-menyn eller i Aktivitetsfältet som en miniräknare för att utföra vissa grundläggande beräkningar som tillägg, subtraktion, multiplikation, Division, unit

Hur man fixar fel koden 0xC004C003 i Windows 10

The error message code 0xC004C003 is a Activation error that says the server determined the keys to be invalid or keys are blocked. It often comes up when Windows 10 users try and activate their operating system after a clean install. It happens when the product

Hur fixar 0x80070005 – 0x90002 fel i Windows 10

There are some people encoutering the “Something Happened 0x80070005-0x90002” error on their computers while trying to install Windows 10. This error is caused when the Windows installer cannot find the files it needs to proceed with the installation of Windows. It also occurs if the installer