Månad: April 2016

Bygga 2016: Xamarin ta en iOS-emulator för Windows

på Build 2016, Microsoft announced that the company is bringing an iOS emulator in Xamarin for Windows. För de obekanta, Xamarin is a tool which developers can use to build cross-platform apps with C# that run on Windows, iOS och Android. At the conference, Xamarin showed

Microsoft gör gratis Xamarin för Visual Studio-kunder

på Build 2016, Microsoft announced that Xamarin will come with Visual Studio for free. Xamarin will be in every edition of Visual Studio, including the free Visual Studio Community Edition, which is free for individual developers, open source projects, academic research, utbildning, and small professional teams.

4 Indirekta sätt att förbättra din ranking

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Den Linux kommandorad och Bash shell kommer till Windows 10

Microsoft is committed to making the Windows developer experience better than ever, which is why they're bringing the popular Bash shell, alongside the entire Linux command environment, till Windows 10 in the upcoming Anniversary Update. Developers have been able to use Linux command shells like Bash