Månad: Juli 2014

Snabba upp bild, tid med optimering Plugins

Are you sad with how lengthy it takes in your WordPress site to load? If you might have been experiencing slower load occasions, then take the time to enhance the velocity of your WordPress site. You can velocity up your website in a lot of methods,

Kan en webbplats Rank väl utan någon bakåtlänkar?

Backlinks are probably the most excessive-danger, excessive-reward elements of SEO. Å ena sidan, you could have the reward; a excessive rating in Google that’s almost inconceivable to dislodge. A site, as soon as it has reached the stage of trusted authority, turns into a everlasting fixture

On-Page optimering Checklista

Most of the Companies ignore this essential facet of Search Engine Optimization. Most of the Website house owners ignore the essential parts of On-Page SEO.We will proceed step-by-step masking all essential features of On-Page SEO. Following are a number of the fast ideas to assist your

11 av de bästa Instagram videorna från juli 2014

It’s the last day of July, which suggests it is time to look again at some of the best Instagram videos we have seen in the previous 4 weeks or so.This time round we have got submissions from Samsung, Nike Skateboarding, KFC, National Geographic, American Apparel,

Video optimeringstjänster

Sökmotoroptimering SEO videoleverantörer hjälper för att öka synligheten för dina filmer på sociala medier webbplatser som Youtube, Vimeo och många andra. Google, Bing och Yahoo har börjat integrera filmer inuti sökmotor resultat. Varje gång du söker för någon utbredd nyckelfras kommer du…

Googles algoritm lokal sökning uppdatering

There’s a New Google Algorithm in Town And Search Engine Land’s calling it Pigeon. Because this algorithm impacts native searches and apparently pigeons wish to fly again house. Ja. That’s what we stated too. Cue the exaggerated eye roll. Emellertid, with out additional ado right here’s

Har Google straffas din webbplats? SEO kan hjälpa

Sökmotoroptimering är en spirande verksamhet som fortsätter att expertis en snabb ökning av rykte — due, till stor del, to an enthusiastic effort by Google engineers to create extra related and natural search results for customers. With fixed updates and tweaks to its algorithms, Google is trying to

Skapa och konfigurera Samba aktier i CentOS 7

Här är en tutorial som visar hur du aktivera Samba i 7 och skapa en filserver med olika åtkomstbehörigheter i en nätverksmiljö. Till exempel, Om du äger server med enorma lagringsutrymme, you can create multiple shares and enable other networked clients to access

Skapa Samba filserver i Ubuntu 14.04

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to create a Samba file server in and allow client computers to access files with different permission levels.In this post, Vi kommer att skapa tre mappar med olika nivåer av behörighet. One shared folder will allow everyone to

CPanel – det gick inte att ta bort underdomänen

I was unable to remove a subdomain from my Cpanel giving me the error: There was a problem removing the subdomain To fix the issue I carried out the following steps: 1. Backup the following files: /var/cpanel/userdata/username/main /var/cpanel/userdata/username/sub.maindomain.com /var/cpanel/users/username /var/named/maindomain.com.db /var/cpanel/userdata/wineinns/sub.domain.com /var/cpanel/userdata/wineinns/sub.domain.com.cache /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf 2. Remove all